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Taliban: Germany should not deport Afghans to third countries

Following the German Chancellor's statement regarding the deportation of Afghan refugees, the Taliban government's foreign ministry asked Berlin not to deport refugees to third countries.

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According to the regional office of Tasnim News Agency, “Abdul Qahar Balkhi”, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Taliban government, responded According to German Chancellor Olaf Schultz’s statement regarding the deportation of Afghan refugees to third countries, he demanded not to deport refugees to third countries and to resolve this issue through diplomatic channels. Balkhi wrote in a statement: The Foreign Ministry decided to expel He pursues Afghan immigrants from Germany and expresses hope that the two countries can manage the issue through diplomatic channels in order to ensure the rights of the nationals, so that the Afghan nationals do not suffer an unknown fate under the pretext of being handed over to a third country in violation of accepted international conventions.

He added: The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan asks the German authorities to resolve this issue in the light of normal consular interactions and a reasonable mechanism based on a bilateral agreement.

Germany considers deportation of Afghan refugees
Germany seeks to resume deportation of Afghan refugees

According to reports, considering that Germany does not have diplomatic relations with the Taliban, the deportation of refugees who have committed a crime or are interpreted as “dangerous”, there are many obstacles to Afghanistan.

Schultz said that the German Ministry of Interior is finding “practical and legal implementation ways” to deport asylum seekers who commit crimes and pose a danger to Afghanistan. Afghanistan is possible and this ministry is also talking with Afghanistan’s neighboring countries.

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