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Shahbaz Sharif: Membership in the Security Council is a “proud moment”.

In response to the election of new non-permanent members of the Security Council, the Prime Minister of Pakistan announced that the election of his country as a member of the UN Security Council is a "proud moment".

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According to the regional office of Tasnim News Agency, “Shahbaz Sharif”, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, called his country’s elections as The member of the UN Security Council called it a “proud moment” and said that Pakistan, together with the international community, will help solve problems and strengthen peace, stability and cooperation among nations. , Pakistan, Denmark, Greece, Panama and Somalia were elected as new non-permanent members of the Security Council. “Denis Francis,” the president of the United Nations General Assembly, said that these five countries will serve from January 1, 2025 to the end of December. 2026, that is, they will be a non-permanent member of the Security Council for two years.

In the United Nations General Assembly elections, Pakistan was able to win the votes of 182 countries out of 185 countries and became the representative of the Asian group in the organization. Nations entered this council. In the previous round, Japan had won the representation of the Asia group.

Pakistan had previously won the non-permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council seven times.

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