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Human rights organizations warn Washington about sending ammunition to Tel Aviv

Dozens of human rights organizations in America warned Joe Biden’s government about sending 155 mm cannon balls to the Zionist regime and intensifying crimes against the people of Gaza as a result of this action.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, more than 30 American human rights and religious organizations in a letter to “Lloyd Austin”, the Minister of Defense of this country, demanded the cancellation of the Pentagon’s program to grant 155 mm cannon shells to the regime army. They became Zionists; The aid of weapons that is supposed to be carried out by withdrawing from the American special weapons warehouse in occupied Palestine.

These organizations include “Oxfam America”, “Amnesty International” and “Civilian Support Center in War”. In their warning letter, they stated: “Under the current circumstances, if these ammunitions are placed in the hands of the Israeli government, it will weaken protections for civilians, weaken respect for international human rights, and weaken the credibility of the Biden government.” In short, it is hard to imagine this scenario where international human rights will be respected while firing 155 mm cannon bullets at Gaza. 15 Mehr) Al-Aqsa storm by the resistance forces against the Zionist enemy, put on the agenda immediate military support for the Zionist regime, which has received the largest amount of annual military aid from Washington for decades. In this regard, Washington has also sent two American aircraft carriers to the region. manufacturing guided munitions and other munitions.

According to the Washington Post, American officials plan to remove 155 mm cannon shells from the US Army’s “war reserve warehouse” in the occupied territories in to put the authority of the Zionist regime army.

The American groups in their letter to the defense minister of this country stated that due to the severe deterioration of the humanitarian conditions in Gaza and the cutoff of people’s access to food, water and electricity they worried They also pointed to Washington’s action in approving an international declaration related to 2022 on the subject of limiting the use of explosive weapons in urban areas and said that the Zionists committed crimes by firing tens of thousands of artillery shells in their previous wars with Hamas in 2008-2009 and 2014. committed.

In this letter it was written: “These munitions targeted schools, neighborhoods, hospitals, shelters and refugee camps and led to the death, wounding and displacement of dozens of civilians. became The history of the Israeli army’s use of artillery weapons in Gaza confirms our concerns.”

The Biden government has recently tried to pass a military aid package worth 14 billion dollars for the Zionist army in the US Congress. to approve.

Last Tuesday, Joe Biden’s proposal for a 14 billion dollar aid package to the Zionist regime was reported by the American network website “Bloomberg”.

According to Bloomberg, the US President’s $14 billion aid package to Israel includes funding for 100 new Iron Dome launchers. The package also includes funding for about 14,000 interceptors, which would allow Israel to deploy nearly 25 new Iron Dome systems across occupied Palestine.

A Bloomberg report published on the same day The Wall Street Journal reported that the Biden administration is planning to send 320 million dollars worth of smart bombs to occupied Palestine. October (November 9th) informed the leaders of the US Congress in writing about this issue.

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