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The decision of the Republic of Azerbaijan to buy air defense systems from the Israeli regime

The Republic of Azerbaijan has decided to purchase “Barak MX” air defense systems made by the Zionist regime based on a contract worth 1.2 billion dollars.
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According to the international group Tasnim News, the Republic of Azerbaijan decided to Based on a contract worth 1.2 billion dollars, to purchase the Israeli-made “Barak MX” air defense systems from the Zionist regime.

This article was reported by the European Defense Industries website IS: As reported a few months ago by Defense Industries Europe, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) successfully demonstrated Barak MX systems in Azerbaijan. Israel is the main supplier of Azerbaijan’s defense systems. These weapons have been heavily used in the recent conflict with Armenia, which recently escalated.

The website reports that according to official information from Azerbaijan, the test included multiple tests of different versions of the system. It has been very advanced.

The site added that some versions of the Israel Aerospace Industries air defense system have been operating in Azerbaijan for several years, but a recent demonstration of some of the latest upgraded versions shows.

Barak MX is a modular air defense system designed to eliminate missile and aircraft threats. This missile operates on both sea and land platforms and is part of the Barak missile family.

The Barak MX system is capable of simple integration with any existing or new sensor. All Barak MX Land Deployable components can be operated from permanent infrastructure or mounted on a truck and deployed to temporary operational sites.

According to Israel Aerospace Industries, the innovative modular approach and Based on the Barak MX software, it allows easy adaptation to operational threats in any weather conditions, day and night.

The official bodies of Azerbaijan have not yet confirmed this news. At the same time, in the information published by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan on September 13, it is stated that according to the 2023 preparation plan, the air defense units of the Air Force fired from the Yıldırım (Barak) 8-ER anti-aircraft missile complex, which is a member of the Barak missile family. /p>

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan announced in this regard: the combat crew during shooting exercises, the tasks of placing the anti-aircraft missile complex “Yildirim 8-ER” in the starting position and preparing it for combat use and They also successfully identified and destroyed the ballistic missile fired by a conventional enemy missile.

Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense also released a video of the Zenith missile complex test.

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