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US government shutdown countdown

According to the report of the international group of Fars news agency, despite the opposition of some Republicans of the American House of Representatives to the two-stage plan of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, “Mike Johnson”, the majority of the Democratic representatives supported this plan and have stated, they will vote yes to prevent the government shutdown. He has been in office for three weeks, and has presented a two-step plan as a temporary solution to review the government’s budget and prevent a shutdown.

According to this plan, the budget of a part of the government ministries will be funded until the middle of January next year, and the representatives will have the opportunity to fund the remaining departments from the beginning of February this year. It is interesting that in this temporary solution, no budget is considered to support the Zionist regime.

Democrats despite the initial opposition to the said plan. They have now committed themselves to support it and have stated that this plan will significantly reduce the risk of a painful shutdown of the Biden administration at the end of this week. The opposition of some Republican representatives against the said bill shows that Johnson should get help from the Democratic Party for its approval. In this regard, the leaders of the Democratic Party of the House of Representatives The United States also said on Monday that they are considering supporting Johnson’s strategy, and this plan was supported by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York and US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Previously, the White House criticized the proposed plan presented by Johnson and called it an “extreme” and “unserious” plan that could lead to further turmoil in the Republican Party. Biden has not made any commitment that he might veto this two-step bill.

However, now the new issue of the Democrats has changed the situation a lot. Is. While just four days ago, Hakeem Jeffries, the minority leader of the US House of Representatives, criticized the proposed bill and stated that neither the Democrats nor the American people can accept it.

This bill is supposed to be examined again today in the House of Representatives. It is clear that Mike Johnson will have to rely on Democrats to pass his first proposed bill, rather than members of his own party, who are deeply divided over the bill. Currently, 8 conservative Republicans have said that they will vote against this bill and there is a possibility that their number will increase.

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