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Report of Israeli official institutions on the bad internal conditions of the Zionist regime

There is no news of coordination, no dedicated budget, and no proper response, these are the results presented by the person responsible for investigating the performance of Netanyahu’s cabinet during the war against Gaza.
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according to the Hebrew group Tasnim News, Haaretz newspaper in a report on the chaotic conditions of war management by the cabinet The Zionist regime revealed its backstage in the service and management sector.

According to this Hebrew media, “Metanyahu Engelman”, the special marketer of the Zionist regime, Netanyahu has submitted his research report regarding the negligence and mistakes made in the performance of the cabinet during the war against Gaza.

Engleman Last week, since the beginning of the war, he visited all the Zionist settlements around the south (around the Gaza Strip) and the north (near the border of Lebanon), and emphasized that the relevant institutions performed poorly in evacuating the wounded under fire, so that some of the wounded were bleeding. It will continue until they die.

Haaretz quoted this report and wrote: The wounded are bleeding so much that they will die, while there is a cry for help, but no one He is not responsible for them.

In another part of this report, it is emphasized that the Israeli cabinet, contrary to its promise, did not provide the necessary funds for maintenance and accommodation. It has not allocated the people who were evacuated from different settlements, no attention has been paid to their education and social security and mental health.

This The Zionist official pointed to the complete inaction of the official institutions of the Zionist regime on October 7 and wrote in his report: “Most of the injured and killed on this day were transported by the citizens and volunteers of the Daud Red Star, and there was no news of the official institutions responsible for this.” /p>

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