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The possibility of the Syrian army opening the Golan front against the Zionist regime

In a conversation with Tasnim news agency, a former commander of the Syrian army, referring to the political and military consequences of the Al-Aqsa storm operation and the “Martyr’s Day” speech by the Secretary General of Hezbollah praising the assistance of Damascus to the resistance axis, did not consider the possibility of the Golan Front opening against Israel far from his mind. .
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According to the Arabic website Tasnim News Agency, “Mohand Al-Haj Ali”, former army commander and representative In a conversation with Tasnim reporter, the Syrian parliament has evaluated the possibility of Syria entering the battle of Al-Aqsa storm and the opening of the occupied Golan front against the Zionist regime. He emphasized on Syria’s continuous adherence to the axis of resistance and fight against the occupation of the Zionist regime.

He added: Despite the scars of years of fighting terrorism, enduring heavy international sanctions and the destruction of its vital infrastructure, Syria continues to The strategic option supports the resistance and freedom of Palestine, and every bullet, rocket or missile that is fired towards the occupied territories has a trace of Syria in it.

جولان اشغالی , کشور سوریه , رژیم صهیونیستی (اسرائیل) , حزب‌ الله لبنان , محور مقاومت ,

This former member of the Syrian parliament, while explaining the solutions to end the occupation of the Golan lands by the Zionist regime, added: The Golan issue is an important issue for the Syrian nation and the enemy may attack at any moment. let us surprise and this front will be opened with the planning of the political and military authorities. from the red line; Will the Golan Front be activated at the same time as Gaza and South Lebanon?/Exclusive Report

Tel Aviv is in the arms of the United Nations and Russia; The return of the mediators to the borders of the occupied Golan?/Exclusive report

Al-Hajj Ali also said in relation to the illegal presence of American soldiers in the occupied areas of Syria and the attacks of the resistance groups on various American military bases in Syria. : Today, the American occupation in the region of the Syrian island is a very important obstacle and challenge for the Syrian people, and we are acting with all our strength and in harmony with our allies to expel these invaders. This issue has caused the joint operation room of the resistance axis, in response to the occupation of the Syrian island region by the American military, to target all the American bases in this region.

This Syrian analyst in the final part Referring to the frank words of the Syrian President and his emphasis on the need to end the American occupation in Syria, he said: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad clearly stated in one of his recent speeches that the Americans only understand the language of force and As soon as the resistance starts in the area of ​​the Syrian island, the Americans will retreat, because they cannot bear the blood shed by their soldiers, and they will leave the territory of Syria without hesitation.

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