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The members of the Israeli war cabinet died

In a report, the Zionist radio and television channel Kan talked about the sharp difference in the war cabinet of the Zionist regime and added that this difference is more severe between the former and current ministers of war.
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according to the Hebrew group Tasnim news, the war in Gaza has not been able to destroy the heterogeneous structure of the Zionist regime. united and while the campaign for the immediate removal of Netanyahu takes on new dimensions every day, the differences between the members of the Zionist regime’s war cabinet are also becoming more severe, especially in relation to the way the war is carried out.

In this regard, the National Radio and Television Network of the Zionist regime (Kan) revealed in a report in this regard, former Minister of War Idi Eisenkot and current Minister of War Yoaf Gallant strongly disagreed about how to advance the war in Gaza has disagreements with each other, while the differences did not end with the war cabinet, but also extended to the main cabinet of the Zionist regime.

In a report, the Hebrew newspaper Ma’ariv also wrote: 80 percent of Israelis believe that Benjamin Netanyahu should take responsibility for the events in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, in a similar survey conducted by the Jerusalem Post, 94 percent of Israelis affirmed this and 56 percent affirmed that he should step down after the end of the war.

Nahum Barnia, a political analyst of Yedioth Aharonot newspaper, also stated in a note in the same context, that Netanyahu prefers a long-term and endless operation that the Americans try to stop. Because he is sure that the end of the war will be the exact moment when he will be fired and tried. He wrote: The mayor of Nitfut announced in a private meeting that after the end of the war, there will be no news of the current prime minister. is considered, in a private meeting with the heads of the city council of the South and Tenni Chand, some of the Likud figures spoke, while criticizing Netanyahu, he said: Our current prime minister will not remain in his position at the end of the war.

Zohar, who is considered one of the oldest members of the Likud party, said: We will remain the heads of city councils with our problems, and there must be someone who will help us in this regard.

In additional news, the Hebrew media announced that the latest polls show that if the elections were held today, the ruling coalition led by Netanyahu would win only 42 seats out of He won 120 Knesset seats and his current opponents will win 78 seats.

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