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The destruction of 88 armored vehicles of the Zionist regime in 5 days

A specialized military website reported on Tuesday that the Israeli army lost 88 armored vehicles in 5 days of fighting with the resistance forces.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, based on recent satellite images from the north of Gaza, the Zionist regime’s army has suffered significant casualties, so that 88 armored vehicles of this regime’s army in It has been destroyed within five days. of-383-israeli-armored-vehicles-were-destroyed-in-5-days/”>Algreen Military wrote on Tuesday, 23 percent of the 383 armored vehicles of the Israeli army were destroyed in five days.

According to this report, Hamas forces along with other Palestinian groups have managed to destroy Israeli tanks and armored personnel carriers (regime) on several occasions. The Palestinian forces in these missions range from They have used a wide range of complex methods.

Damage to Israeli armored vehicles on the Lebanese border is also known. Hezbollah’s anti-tank units are particularly focused on these vehicles. They use anti-tank weapons, which are much more sophisticated than the weapons available to Hamas.

Hebrew-language website “Walla” also recently wrote that the tanks of the Israeli army are not suitable for maneuvering in the battlefield. This website wrote in a report that a number of soldiers and army officers of this regime are angry about the weakness of “Merkava 3” tanks and their unsuitability for ground combat in Gaza.

Officers The Israeli army says that these tanks endanger their lives, especially since some of them have been repaired and their engines have been replaced at least twice.

Tank Merkava has very special features, and these special features have made its destruction by the resistance forces very important and greatly humiliate the Zionists.

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