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Amir Abdollahian: The influence of Israel’s supporters did not allow the United Nations to play a role

Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian announced in a meeting with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk that the influence of the supporters of the Zionist regime did not allow the UN to play a role in stopping the war.
– International News – Tasnim News Agency, Amir Abdollahian, who in order to meet and discuss with the officials of the United Nations and the World Red Cross in connection with the Palestinian issue, especially the pursuit of the issue of blockade and sending humanitarian aid to the oppressed people of Gaza has traveled to Geneva, today Wednesday he met and talked with Volker Turk.

While appreciating Volker Turk’s recent visit to the Rafah region and border, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said: The purpose of my trip to Geneva and these talks is to examine ways to end the human tragedy in Gaza. He added: Now, in addition to attacking residential areas in Gaza, attacking hospitals is also a priority of the Zionist regime. And the UN Security Council was also unable to fulfill its role in stopping the war and ending this tragedy due to the influence of some members in supporting the Zionist regime. In order to help end the ongoing tragedy in Gaza and pointing out the inability of the Security Council to play its role, he suggested that the Human Rights Council hold an extraordinary session to discuss and exchange views among UN member states to help find a solution. He also suggested that the Human Rights Council form a team of experts to document what the Zionist regime has done and is doing in Gaza.

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Amir Abdollahian’s consultation with the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations in Geneva

Iran’s Foreign Minister commended the intensive and continuous efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran in He pointed out the way to end the aggression of the Zionist regime as well as helping humanitarian goals in connection with the current crisis in Gaza and said: There are areas of further spread of war and the situation in the region getting out of control at any moment and the only thing that can control this situation. stop the aggression to Gaza, send humanitarian aid and prevent the displacement of the people of Gaza. Amir Abdollahian continued: It is in the interest of all parties to work to end the aggression, lift the siege, send humanitarian aid and prevent the displacement of the people of Gaza. do

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, while expressing his satisfaction with this meeting and referring to his recent trip to the Rafah region and border, described the humanitarian conditions in Gaza and even the West Bank as very worrying and explained He expressed his and the UN Secretary General’s efforts to help get out of the current situation: It is clear that action to stop the war is very necessary. He added that we should make maximum efforts to find a solution for this complex and deplorable situation and prevent the war from spreading and the situation becoming more complicated.

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