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Pentagon: The destroyer “Thomas Hunder” was the target of a drone attack while passing through the Red Sea

A Pentagon official announced that the destroyer Thomas Hunter was able to defend itself against a drone attack while transiting the Red Sea.

According to Fars News Agency, a Pentagon official announced that the Thomas Hunter destroyer was able to defend itself against a drone attack while crossing the Red Sea.

Following the continued aggression of the Zionist regime on the people of Gaza, the attacks on American bases, which are the most important supporter of the Zionist regime, continue. Since October 17th, the bases of this country in the West Asia region have been attacked by resistance groups 55 times. , there have been 27 attacks on American bases in Iraq and 28 attacks on bases in Syria.

According to the “Fox News” website, he also added that during these attacks, 59 American soldiers They were injured, 27 of them have brain damage.

Accordingly, Singh claimed that America’s goal is to limit the conflict between the Zionist regime and Hamas to the Gaza Strip, and added: Where [the war] remains. I think that we have been very clear in our message about deterrence and we have not witnessed the spread of this conflict.” They joined the Palestinian resistance from the first days of the “Al-Aqsa Storm” operation, and have repeatedly targeted American military bases in the north and west of Iraq and the bases of these forces in Syria with rocket and drone attacks.

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