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Condemning the Dutch company to pay compensation to Iranian victims of chemical attacks

A Dutch company was sentenced to pay compensation to 5 Iranians for selling chemicals to the defunct Iraqi government during the imposed war against Iran.

According to the report of the international group of Fars news agency, a court in the Netherlands on Wednesday sentenced a company in this country to pay compensation to 5 Iranians for selling chemicals to the government of Saddam, the dead dictator of Iraq during the war with Iran.

Associated Press reported that the representative of the said company did not appear in court to defend itself in the case accusing it of selling raw materials for poison gas to Saddam.

The said court in the same case acquitted another company from the charges and declared that this company did not know when it sold chemicals to Saddam that these materials were going to be used to produce mustard gas.

The aforementioned court announced in a statement that these 5 Iranians suffered permanent injuries after three chemical attacks that took place in 1984 and 1986 during the Iran-Iraq war.

The plaintiffs of this case have stated that the two mentioned companies “knew or should have known” that the substance “thionyl chloride” sold to Iraq would be used to make mustard gas.


Court of complaint filed against the company “Forafina Beleggingen I B.V.” which previously operated under the name of “KBS Holland” as Ward.

Reuters writes that the amount of the determined damage is not yet known.

Lawyers for another company, Otjiaha B.V., formerly Melchemie, argued that the company had no knowledge that the materials sold could be used to make toxic gases.




publisher Fars news agency
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