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Amos Yadlin: Nasrallah has the upper hand on the northern front/time is not in favor of Israel

A senior security official of the Zionist regime emphasized that the Israeli army is far from achieving its goals in Gaza, saying that Nasrallah has the upper hand in the northern front and thousands of Israelis have fled from the settlements, which is a big challenge to bring back.

– International News

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, “Amos Yadlin” former head of the Zionist regime’s Aman organization and The head of the Internal Security Studies Center of this regime, speaking about the situation of the army in the Gaza war, announced that the Israeli army is far from achieving its goals in Gaza. He added that the Israeli cabinet has assigned two important missions to the army in the Gaza war. The data includes the destruction of Hamas and the return of Israeli prisoners, and we see that we are still far from achieving each of these goals and we are far from it. Especially in the northern front and considering the economic consequences of this war as well as the pressures from outside.

Nasrallah has the upper hand in the north.

This security official of the Zionist regime said about the conflicts in the northern front of the occupied Palestine and the operations that the Lebanese resistance carries out against the positions of the army and the Zionist settlements, Hezbollah is waging a war of attrition against us. and thousands of Israelis have fled from the northern settlements and returning them to these settlements is a big challenge for Israel. It has significantly increased its operations in the border areas.

“Amir Barshalom”, the military affairs analyst of the Zionist regime, also announced in the same context that what Nasrallah has done is to isolate Israel (occupied Palestine). He is one of the residents of the northern regions.

Channel 12 of the Zionist regime’s TV also reported that most Israelis have been forced to leave the northern settlements and are afraid to return there. Although the Israeli army continues its operations in the south of Lebanon, a strange fear has cast a shadow over the residents of the northern settlements.

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According to Tasnim, “Displacement » It is a new phenomenon for the Zionists after more than 7 decades of occupation in Palestine and displacement of millions of Palestinians from their own land; A phenomenon that the Israelis are forced to face thanks to the Al-Aqsa storm operation that the resistance started on October 7 against the occupying enemy.

During the last few days, the tensions on the northern front of the occupied Palestine have increased sharply, and the Lebanese Hezbollah, which New and heavy missile weapons have entered the battlefield and significantly increased missile and drone attacks against army positions and Zionist settlements.

The New York Times quoted Leah Raivitens, one of the Israeli refugees. who lives in the northern settlements of occupied Palestine and the border point with Lebanon declared, we cannot live a normal life and the fact is that we are displaced, even if we are accommodated in a luxurious place. We can neither think about the past nor the future, and we cannot predict what will happen.

This American media quoted Avikhay Stern, the head of the Kiryat Shemoneh Municipality Institute, as reporting until the Cabinet And unless the Israeli army guarantees that Hezbollah will not launch a surprise attack similar to Hamas, the residents of the northern settlements will not be able to return to their homes. Hezbollah forces are present at the border fence, and until we remove this threat, no one can guarantee that we will wake up one morning and not face an incident similar to the one that happened a month ago in the towns around Gaza.

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