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Palestinian supporters enter the building of the owner of Fox News and Wall Street Journal + Film

This time, supporters of Palestine in the United States protested the way the news of the Gaza war was covered by rallying in front of the parent company of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.

According to the Fars News Agency International Group, the American media reported on the demonstrations of opponents of Israel’s war against Gaza in different American cities.

According to the Guardian report, hundreds Supporters of the truce staged a protest on Friday in front of an American media company that owns the Wall Street Journal and Fox News. According to the images published on social networks, dozens of these protesters entered the building of this media company and occupied the lobby of this building.


This report says that the New York police tried to disperse the protesters using various tools and arrested a number of them.

The protestors addressed the Fox News network and said: “Shame on you. You cannot hide (the fact). “Your lies cover up the genocide in Gaza.” Wearing Palestinian headscarves, they chanted anti-Israel and anti-occupation slogans.

This report pointed out that more than 12,000 people were killed in the attacks of the Zionist regime, most of whom are women and children, and added: The way the news is covered in America while Washington’s support for Tel Aviv in this war has fallen sharply in the United States.

American media also reported on the protest rally of Palestinian supporters in front of BNY company. Mellon, an investment company in New York, which is responsible for providing part of the weapons sent to Israel, reported and said that the New York police have also arrested a number of people in this place.

The Guardian says that more protest rallies are planned to be held in various American cities, including Chicago and other major cities of the United States during the weekend. >


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