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American Jews prefer Biden more than Trump

During a survey, the American Jewish community supported the actions of their country's president in supporting Israel in the Gaza war and showed a greater willingness to him than Donald Trump.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, the results of the latest survey conducted among the American Jewish people show that the majority of them supported Biden’s support positions during the Zionist regime’s war against Gaza and They have stated that he can deal with what was called anti-Semitism in this poll. The American shows that the overwhelming majority of this group approve of Joe Biden’s approach against Palestine and support him against “Donald Trump” during the 2024 elections in the United States.

Jews in the past American elections generally showed more preference for Democratic candidates.

According to the results obtained from this survey, most people belonging to Historically, Jewish communities in America have always been supporters of Democratic Party presidents, and 62% of them plan to vote for Joe Biden again during the election, while in this survey, Trump is only 22% of Orthodox Jews. has been supported.

Furthermore, according to the results of the aforementioned survey, Biden’s administration during the war between Hamas and the Zionist regime is supported by 74% of Jewish voters in America has been confirmed, and another 43% have stated that his recent approach to this war has made them look at Biden 43% more positively than before.

Six out of ten participants in this survey trust Biden’s policies to deal with anti-Semitism in America, and 90 percent of the participants in this survey feel worried about the category of anti-Semitism in America.

Furthermore, more than 91 percent of the participants stated that their criticism of the Zionist regime does not prevent them from “supporting” and generally supporting this regime, and the other 76 percent stated this about the behavior of have expressed this regime’s war in Gaza.

Despite the fact that the survey was conducted under the influence of Biden’s support for the Zionist regime during the Gaza war, it is likely that the year His future will be very low if he gets enough votes in the elections to be re-elected as president. Biden’s election campaign is worried about the reaction of Muslim voters and voters of the left spectrum of the Democratic Party to his approach in the Gaza war.

According to a poll conducted last month According to an Arab-American institute, Biden’s approval rating among Americans went from 59 percent in 2020 to 35 percent before the crisis in Gaza, and by the end of October, this rate had halved.

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