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Putin: Once I could not even imagine the possibility of a conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Pointing out that before 2014, the possibility of a conflict between Russia and Ukraine did not occur to anyone, the Russian president talked about the possibility of Russia leaving the United Nations, the dependence of European leaders on the United States, the good state of the Russian economy, and relations between Moscow and Beijing.

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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency quoting TASS News Agency, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday evening at the 9th International Forum of “United Cultures” in St. Petersburg, pointed to the fact that he personally could not even imagine the possibility of a conflict between Russia and Ukraine before 2014. think.

He said: Many adults are literate, knowledgeable, talented, and of course they are looking for their work and life, and of course many of them, Just like myself, until the events of 2014, they did not even think of such a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine. I couldn’t even imagine such a situation.” He would reply: “Are you crazy?”

Putin also stressed that everyone has the right to their own position, but you should think before you speak, because A personal opinion is one thing, harming a country is a completely different matter.

Putin: European elites have become completely dependent on the United States

In another part of his speech, the Russian president expressed his opinion that European elites have lost their sense of national identity and are completely dependent on the United States. He said: “Now the European elites, who have lost their sense of national identity and, in my opinion, have become very dependent on other countries, primarily on North America, are going through very difficult times.”

Vladimir Putin emphasized that the tragedy of modern Europe is that its dependence on the United States does not protect the interests of these countries and their citizens. In the end, the president said: “We certainly do not want to disturb the relations of other countries, we certainly do not have such an intention. But we must declare that it was not us who damaged the relations with Europe, we did not and will not close any door, hatch or window. But if someone decides to isolate themselves, it is their own choice and they are robbing themselves.”

Putin: “Climate” Russia’s economy is good in contrast to Europe’s economy

The President of Russia, during his speech about Western sanctions, also implicitly said: Russia’s economy is in contrast to Europe’s economy It is now experiencing “excellent weather”.

He added: “Everyone should understand that we have good weather in the economic field. Just yesterday, the head of the government proudly told me in a meeting that in the last month, the growth of the Russian economy was 5.5% and for the whole year it was more than 3%. We are now talking about this with confidence. I am not talking about the state of European countries, which seems arrogant or boastful, but this is the real state of our country’s economy. Should Russia close the “window to Europe” once opened by Peter I, given the current situation, he stressed that the Russian Federation does not intend to close anything, because there is no conflict in Russia with the European community.

>Vladimir Putin also announced that there is no need for Russia to withdraw from UNESCO and that proposals for the country’s withdrawal from the United Nations are nonsense.

The Russian president said: “I think there is no such need, why?” It is a platform where people communicate and work with each other. We have quite serious projects running through UNESCO. Some even say that we should leave the United Nations, but this proposal is nonsense, because Russia is one of the founders of this organization, why should we want to leave it?”

According to him, the United Nations and other international organizations should be reformed and aligned with what is happening in the world. Emphasizing that “closing the door and going away” is useless, he added: “Of course, reforms should be made in them. This is also true – Africa, Latin America, Asia, India, Brazil, South Africa should be represented in the Security Council. This should be done. But if we close the UN or leave them, I don’t think it makes sense.” BRICS

Vladimir Putin commented on the possibility of France joining the BRICS group. This desire was expressed at the International Forum of United Cultures by Pierre de Gaulle, the grandson of the first president of the Fifth Republic, General Charles de Gaulle, addressed to the President of Russia. Putin replied: “Tell me about the possibility of France’s participation in the BRICS group; If France wants, it can apply and we will consider it. Besides, Russia is chairing BRICS next year, and as I said before, we will work with all our partners in this group on this issue.”

Vladimir Putin, in response to another question, announced that the relations between Russia and China are unique It is up to the individual. He emphasized that the success of bilateral talks between the two countries is based on mutual trust. The Russian President said: “In the history of our countries, bilateral relations have never reached such a peak and quality.” I mean the level of trust that has been established between our countries.”

Putin also recalled that Chinese President Xi Jinping has always focused on cultural, educational issues in bilateral relations. and sports are very important and this is an extremely important part of the cooperation between the two countries.

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