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Al-Halbousi’s efforts to return to his position as the head of the Iraqi parliament

After the decision to end his membership in the Iraqi Parliament, Mohammad Al-Halbousi had meetings with political leaders and representatives of diplomatic delegations in Baghdad to stop the actions against him while returning to his post.

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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, since the ruling of the Federal Supreme Court of Iraq that After the end of Mohammad al-Halbousi’s membership in the Iraqi parliament, he did not sit quietly and met with political leaders and representatives of diplomatic delegations in Baghdad to review his return and the role of the judicial system in the country. According to observers, this The visits have been made with two purposes; First, trying to find a way to return to office even if he gets help from foreign intervention, and secondly, stopping the actions against him and preventing the matter from being brought to court and trial for forging signatures, which according to a legal expert may lead to his imprisonment. .

Halbousi’s message to political leaders

according to Middle East News, in this In an interview with Al-Alam Al-Jadeed, Saif Raad, a political affairs analyst, said that Al-Halbousi’s meeting with political leaders was an attempt to convey several messages, including a reminder of the political agreement and the existence of his party as a basic foundation in the ruling coalition “Adara Al-Dawlah” in Iraq and that what has happened is contrary to the political custom governing Iraq, which is clearly based on agreement.

According to Raad, al-Halbusi intended to convey the message that there are many violations of the constitution and violations. There are cases against other political leaders, so why only he has been interacted with.

This analyst of political issues added that as for the judicial actions, he is against trying to end his political presence and prevent his party’s activities in If the case remains open, there is fear, one of the most important of which is the complaints raised by Bassem Khashan regarding the contract with an American company, one of whose main advisors is the former Prime Minister of Israel, and Al-Halbousi may be involved in this case according to the criminal law. As if the normalization of relations with Israel should be considered criminal.

Raad further explained that Sunni political leaders are also afraid that complaints will be filed against them in the future, arrest warrants have already been issued for many of them. And there are complaints against them, so it is possible that the Sunni leaders will accept the withdrawal of al-Halbousi and take advantage of it and replace him with one of the other leaders, and there are some who are trying to stop these actions against al-Halbousi. so that they don’t suffer this fate in their future.

He stated that Al-Halboosi is trying to use all the available ways to put pressure on his political partners with the aim of creating a legal solution to the case.

This analyst of political issues stressed that Al-Halbusi will use external pressure if he cannot reach a result, and if he still can’t, he may go to Anbar and put pressure on the people and alliance with some nomadic sheikhs and towards declaring a referendum. Go public in Anbar to turn it into a region based on the Iraqi constitution.

Al-Halbousi’s first meeting after his removal was with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia Al-Sudani, who was mentioned in the statement of his information office as the Speaker of the Parliament.

Al-Halbousi then The host was Abdul Latif Rashid, the president of Iraq, and he also had a meeting with Jenin Henis Plaskhart, the representative of the UN Secretary General in Iraq, who in the post he published only mentioned “Mr. Al-Halbousi”.

Al-Halbousi then American Ambassador Elina Romanoski visited Baghdad and reviewed the details of the verdict of the Iraqi Federal Court, and then on the same day, Romanoski had a conversation with Faiq Zidan, the head of the Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq.

Legal and judicial consequences of the accusation of forgery for Al-Halbousi

Mohammed Al-Saadi, an expert in legal affairs, in an interview with Al-Alam Al-Jadeed, said that the legal and legal consequences against Al-Halbousi will only come after the end of his membership in the parliament. It will not stop, but there are other consequences and he will be tried on the charge of forgery, which is a crime punishable by law. From one to 15 years of imprisonment, and this issue depends on the investigation of the special court for these crimes, and the federal court does not have the jurisdiction to examine these issues, and it is one of the jurisdictions of other courts, and it is possible to initiate this complaint against Al-Halbousi by the public prosecutor or by He pointed out that the termination of al-Halbousi’s membership on charges of forgery means that he cannot run for elections or hold public office in the future, so this judgment of the Federal Court has legal consequences and He will have a judiciary in the future and it will not be limited to the end of his membership in the parliament as some imagine.

The satisfaction of some Sunni political leaders On the decline of al-Halbousi’s influence

On the other hand, Ghalib al-Sadiyy, a political analyst, said that the meeting of al-Halbousi, the former speaker of the parliament, with some political leaders after the federal court’s ruling, was a part of political compliments. and not more, especially considering that some Sunni political parties were waiting for al-Halbousi to step down in order to get the position of the speaker of the parliament and other positions. The prosecution of al-Halbousi and his referral to the court and his imprisonment and the end of his political activity are permanent, but it seems that al-Halbousi will leave Iraq or political agreements will be formed so that another case is not opened against him and his political role will be

He went on to explain that leaving al-Halbousi gave the feeling to many of his Sunni supporters that he has gone to the sidelines and some Sunni political and public parties also sympathized with him.

This analyst of political issues made it possible that in the next phase the political role of al-Halbousi will decrease and this demand is not only of the Sunni political parties but also of some people in the framework of the coordination of the Shiite political forces.

In this regard, the Sunni political forces have put forward some candidates for the head of the parliament, and the negotiations are still ongoing, but the differences between the political factions regarding the candidate for this position are intense, especially considering that the Toad party insists on its qualification for this position. slow and in contrast to Al-Azzam coalition, Mushani Al-Samrai has been considered for the head of the parliament.

It should be mentioned that Jassim Al-Amiri, the head of the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court, had previously said that the decision to terminate Al-Halbousi’s membership in the parliament is not subject to appeal and is final and It is binding for all officials.

On Tuesday, the Iraqi Federal Court revoked the representation of “Mohammed Al-Halbusi”, the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament. Al-Halbusi decided to resign his representatives in the federal government of Iraq and the resignation of all party representatives in the presidency of the parliament and the representatives of the heads of commissions.

From the accusation of forging the resignation letter to the indirect connection with Tatabiye; What is the reason for the dismissal of Mohammad Al-Halbousi from the head of the parliament? Al-Halbusi in the Iraqi government and Representation, Backgrounds and Reactions

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