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Dawn News: The failure of Pakistan’s “strategic depth” doctrine is the reason for the victimization of Afghan refugees

Criticizing the deportation of Afghan refugees, a Pakistani media wrote that this is Islamabad's move to pressure Kabul and because of the failure of Pakistan's "strategic depth" doctrine.

– International News

According to the regional office of Tasnim News, a Pakistani publication “Dawn News” published an article entitled “Sacrifice of Refugees” and wrote: More than 1.7 million Muslim refugees, more than twice the number of Palestinians who were expelled by Zionist Israel in 1948, are currently in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. are deported.

The article refers to the recent statements of the Minister of Information of Balochistan state that even Afghans with legal residency documents will be deported and Afghan nationals have 30 days to Selling their assets and ruling that each family is only allowed to withdraw 50,000 rupees (about $180) in cash, he added: “Who could be more callous? The Zionists?”

While criticizing the imposition of visas for the movement of tribal people on both sides of the disputed border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, this media further emphasized: the issue of Afghan refugees It clearly reveals the inherent contradictions within a country that is built on the basis of religious identity. And with respect for human rights and dignity, and at least those born in Pakistan should be given the privilege of Pakistani citizenship with the same rights as others.

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