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Successful attack of Russian drones on the electricity facilities of 3 Ukrainian cities

On Saturday, media sources reported successful Russian drone attacks on Ukraine's energy supply infrastructure and left hundreds of people without electricity.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, the Ukrainian Electricity Production Company announced that hundreds of people were left without electricity following the successful attacks of Russian drones on the country’s electricity production facilities.

according to the website report “Voice of Ukraine”, Ukraine’s largest energy company D-Tech announced on Saturday that 2,000 consumers had lost power after the Russian drone attack. They were left without electricity in “Odessa” province.

The deputy of Ukraine’s intelligence service recently said that Russia plans to attack the country’s energy facilities again in the future. has it. “Vadim Skibytsky,” the deputy of Ukraine’s information service, said: “Russia’s intelligence service is now investigating the state of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.” Asked whether Russia would resume targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, he said: “We are monitoring all issues related to Russian identification of Ukrainian energy facilities.”

The company said adverse weather conditions have complicated repair efforts.

This news source reported that energy infrastructure was damaged in the attack of Russian drones in Odesa province. Ukraine’s energy infrastructures in the provinces of Chernihiv and Zaporizhia were also targeted by Russian drone attacks. The Ukrainian Air Force Command claimed that several has shot down one of the Russian drones.

Meanwhile, news sources reported that British military experts told Ukrainian experts how to protect They have trained energy infrastructures.

British army experts have created a training program for Ukrainian engineers to prepare the country’s energy sector against Russian attacks in winter. protect this year. This training program was created and implemented at the request of Ukraine to further improve the protection of the country’s energy sector.

In this program Ukrainian engineers have been trained how to identify the most vulnerable infrastructure elements, possible blast distances, and the effects of various weapons and explosives, as well as best possible placement of physical and aerial barriers to protect these locations from Russian attacks.

British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps recently said that this training is necessary to protect Ukrainian civilians as winter approaches. The course is based on several real scenarios to provide Ukrainians with an opportunity to practice developing plans and implementing practical solutions to ensure the most effective protection of critical infrastructure facilities.

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