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Pashinyan: We have good and bad news about the peace process with the Republic of Azerbaijan

The Prime Minister of Armenia stated in a press conference on Saturday that progress has been made in the negotiations with Baku on the peace treaty.

According to Fars News Agency International Group, the Prime Minister of Armenia said at a press conference in Yerevan on Saturday that progress has been made in the negotiations on a peace treaty with Baku.

According to the news agency “Reuters” quoted by TASS news agency, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on Saturday that Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan have been able to reach an agreement on the basic principles of the peace treaty.

According to this report, the two countries have been at odds for decades, especially over the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh, which was recaptured by Azerbaijani forces in September, causing a mass exodus of Armenians. region.

Pashinyan said that progress has been made in the negotiations on a peace treaty.

The two neighboring republics of Azerbaijan and Armenia have been fighting over the Nagorno-Karabakh region for three decades. The two countries do not have diplomatic relations and their common border is extremely strong. In September, the Republic of Azerbaijan carried out a lightning operation to retake the region, which is internationally recognized as belonging to Baku but has been controlled by Armenians under the protection of Armenia since the 1990s. This operation led to mass exodus of almost 120,000 Armenians from Karabakh to Armenia. Since then, the two countries have expressed their desire to sign a peace agreement, although no tangible progress has been made. Pashinyan continued: “The most important bad news is that We still speak different diplomatic languages ​​and often don’t understand each other.” He gave all the captives of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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