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El-Sisi was sworn in for the new term of the presidency of Egypt

The inauguration ceremony of the presidency of Egypt was held and El-Sisi took the oath as the elected president of Egypt to hold this position again.

report Mehr News Agency quoted Al-Mayadeen, today Tuesday Abdel Fattah al-Sisi took the oath of the presidency of Egypt to re-assume this position in the country’s parliament.

Egyptian president-elect emphasized that the priority of Egypt’s foreign policy in his new presidency will be to protect Egypt’s national security and strengthen balanced relations with all parties.

El-Sisi also stated that his priority in Egypt’s domestic policy is to complete and deepen national dialogues and increase the role of youth in this country.

According to the plans, the new term of the Egyptian presidency is supposed to start from tomorrow, Wednesday, and El-Sisi will hold this position for 6 years.


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