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Netanyahu’s brazen reaction to being on the UN blacklist

The Prime Minister of the Zionist regime made brazen statements in response to the inclusion of this regime in the UN blacklist. 

report Mehr News Agency, according to Sputnik news agency, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in response to the action of the United Nations in describing Tel Aviv as a child-killing regime, claimed that with this action, the United Nations put him on the black list of history, because he has joined the supporters of the killers from the Hamas movement.

He brazenly repeated all his old claims and by ignoring the most heinous crimes of the Israeli army in Gaza, he claimed that this army is the most ethical army in the world and this fact It will not change with the stupid decision of the United Nations!

The ambassador of the Zionist regime to the United Nations announced that he was informed of the official inclusion of the Israeli army in the blacklist of regimes that kill children.

He added that Antonio Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations, has called for Tel Aviv to be added to the black list of child-killing regimes.

In its brutal attack on Gaza, the Israeli army has killed more than 15 thousand Palestinian children. They make up about 40% of the total number of Palestinian martyrs. According to official statistics, after 8 months of the Gaza war, more than 36 thousand Palestinians have been martyred and 86 thousand others have been injured, and about 70% of Gaza’s civilian infrastructure, including schools, residential houses, and hospitals, have been destroyed.

The Hague International Court also in 24 May has issued arrest warrants for a number of leaders of the Zionist regime, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and War Minister Yoav Galant. Before this, some international circles, including the Human Rights Watch organization, had criticized the Zionist regime and demanded that this regime be added to the list of shame of the United Nations.


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