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England summoned the Israeli ambassador

The British Foreign Ministry announced that it had summoned the Israeli ambassador due to the killing of the workers of the "World Central Kitchen" organization.

The British Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Tuesday announcing that it had summoned the Israeli ambassador following the killing of a number of citizens of this country during the regime’s airstrike on the convoy of an international food distribution organization in Gaza.

British Deputy Foreign Minister Andrew Mitchell, in this statement, a copy of which was published on the website of the British Foreign Ministry, said: Today the ambassador of Israel in London was summoned and the London government clearly condemned the terrible murder of seven aid workers of the “Central Kitchen” organization. Global”, including three British citizens.

He added that in this meeting, he demanded a quick and transparent investigation about this incident and the creation of a mechanism to prevent such tragedies.

While emphasizing the need to increase access to transfer humanitarian aid to Gaza, this British diplomat added: We must witness a temporary ceasefire, the transfer of relief aid to Gaza, the release of the hostages (Israeli prisoners) and then move towards a permanent ceasefire.


In continuation of the brutal crimes of this regime in the Gaza Strip, this morning (Tuesday) the Israeli army attacked the car carrying the staff of the World Central Kitchen Organization, which is responsible for distributing food among the Palestinian refugees. Five people were killed in this attack, and according to reports, some of them had the citizenship of Austria, Poland, Ireland and England.

A few hours ago, British Foreign Minister David Cameron issued a statement, calling this event very sad and stating: it is essential that the workers of humanitarian organizations are protected and able to do their work.

He added: We have asked Israel to immediately investigate and provide a complete and clear explanation of what happened.

Source: IRNA

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