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White House: The United States has nothing to do with the attack on Damascus

In a statement, the White House denied any connection with the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

John Kirby, US National Security Council strategic communications coordinator, announced on Tuesday that the US had nothing to do with the attack on Damascus, Syria.

This official also refused to mention any connection between the Zionist regime and the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

He claimed in a group of reporters: We were not involved in any way; Therefore, the statements of Iran’s Foreign Minister [Hossein Amirabdollahian] that we should be held accountable in some way or that we are to blame are meaningless.

In a press conference, in response to the question of whether Washington is worried about Iran’s possible retaliation, Kirby said that he could not predict how Iran’s leadership would react.

Syrian state media reported yesterday evening about the air attack of the Israeli regime army from the occupied Golan region on the Iranian consulate in the vicinity of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the city of Damascus.

Syrian news agency quoted a military source of this country as saying: In this attack, the building of the Iranian consulate in Damascus was completely destroyed and all those inside were martyred or injured. Mohammadreza Zahedi, one of the commanders of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, was martyred as a result of an Israeli airstrike on the building adjacent to the Iranian embassy in Damascus.

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