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Tel Aviv’s acknowledgment of the deep impact of sanctions

A Zionist media has discussed the deep and long-term impact of anti-Zionist sanctions on the living expenses of the settlers. 

reportMehr News Agency, the Zionist newspaper Ha’aretz announced: After 8 months of continuous war in Gaza, Israel has not been able to make a single significant achievement, on the contrary, with a series of failures and extensive losses in security, diplomatic, economic and social levels have been faced.

This Zionist media reported that Tel Aviv has been exposed to a wide wave of European countries’ decisions that harm the economy and position of this regime, and the idea of ​​attracting international funds for Investment in the occupied territories has collapsed.

This newspaper, referring to the deepening and widening of the economic sanctions against the Zionist regime, announced: these sanctions will have a long-term impact on the cost of living and the power of competition in Israel. In recent months, the price of goods in the occupied territories has increased significantly. A part of this price increase has come about as a result of the Yemeni missile threats in the Red Sea and the increase in the cost of transportation and transportation of goods, in addition to the fact that the economic crisis has also deepened as a result of the distracted behavior of the Israeli cabinet and its failure to solve the problem of high prices.

Recently, in its latest efforts to isolate the Zionist regime, the Ministry of Commerce of Colombia has banned the export of coal to the Zionist regime due to the continuation of the war in Gaza.

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