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American lawmaker: Sending weapons to Israel should be stopped

American lawmakers condemned the Israeli attack on aid workers in Gaza.

The continuation of the brutal killing of Palestinian civilians and aid workers by the Zionist military has caused global anger against the Zionist regime, so that even inside the United States, which is considered a close ally of Israel, voices of opposition have been raised.

According to Al Jazeera, Pramila Jayapal, a member of the American House of Representatives, condemned the attack of the Israeli army on aid workers in Gaza, which left 7 dead, and called for a halt to the sale of American weapons to Tel Aviv because they were used in the indiscriminate killing of civilians.

He wrote about this on his personal page on the X social network (former Twitter): Netanyahu’s recent barbaric air attack in Gaza killed the brave aid workers of the World Central Kitchen Organization. These aid workers were sending food to the starving Palestinians.

Jamal Bowman, another American lawmaker, sympathizing with the people of Gaza, said: Aid workers who are providing services to civilians should not be targeted by military attacks.

Maryland State Senator Chris Van Holland also condemned the attack on aid workers and emphasized: Aid workers should not die in the process of distributing aid in Gaza, along with other civilians.

It should be said that the United States is the biggest financial and weapons supporter of Israel in the Gaza war, so that despite the genocide of the Palestinians, Washington has recently sent a package of new weapons aid containing 2,000 pound bombs to Tel Aviv.

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