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Intensification of tension and protests in Van, Turkey after municipal elections

In protest of the conditions after the municipal elections in Türkiye, protests and tensions have intensified in the city of Van.

report Mehr News Agency quoted Le Monde, protests and tensions continue in the Turkish city of Van in protest of the conditions after the municipal elections.

In this connection, it has been reported that a Turkish army car was set on fire by election protesters in the city of Van.

Earlier Reuters reported that Turkish government officials on Tuesday prevented the newly elected pro-Kurdish party mayor from taking office in the city of Van and from holding a Voting was announced in this city. The region where the party of Rajab Tyeb Erdogan, the ruling president in Turkey, suffered defeat in the municipal elections.

During the recent local and municipal elections in Turkey, for the first time in the last two decades, the Justice and Development Party lost the first place and in terms of Raii is the second party in Turkey.

Turkey’s municipal elections have ended and contrary to the claims of the Justice and Development Party and Erdogan’s government, the people refused to trust the mayors of the ruling party once again. Turkish people recorded the lowest turnout in the last 20 years with 77% participation in yesterday’s elections. It is said that inflation, poverty and dissatisfaction with the performance of the government and the ruling party were the most important factors of low participation.

The victory of the opposition in this period of elections was a surprise and now the situation is not in favor of Erdogan and his cabinet. Because even though Erdogan’s party; The government has the majority of seats in the parliament, but it has failed once again in Ankara and Istanbul, and in several other important and strategic cities, it has handed over the municipalities to the opposition.

Heavily defeated candidates supported by Erdogan’s party in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Mersin and several other provinces, caused the People’s Republic Party, as the oldest party in Turkey or one hundred and one years old, to once again see itself in a position to claim to leave the ruling party and come to power.


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