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Australia’s anger over the death of one of its own citizens in an attack by the Zionist regime

The Prime Minister of Australia was outraged by the killing of the staff of the non-governmental organization "World Central Kitchen" in the Gaza Strip, especially an Australian citizen.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albans on Wednesday reacted to the killing of the staff of the non-governmental organization “World Central Kitchen” and stressed the unrestricted access of the people of Gaza to humanitarian aid.
According to AFP, Albans said that in a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he stressed that the people of Australia are outraged by the killing of Australian citizen “Nezami Zumi Francom” in an Israeli attack.

The Prime Minister of Australia emphasized the “responsibility” and “transparency” of the investigation into this attack and added: “It is necessary to carry out a thorough investigation of what happened, and Netanyahu has committed to this issue.”

Albans said: I once again made it clear that Australia believes that humanitarian aid should reach the people of Gaza without restrictions and in a large amount.

The non-governmental organization “World Central Kitchen” announced in a statement that the Israeli attacks on Monday, April 1, 2024 in Gaza killed seven aid workers of this organization. In this incident, their Palestinian driver also lost his life.

This attack happened hours after the members of this non-governmental group arrived in the Gaza Strip with a ship containing food aid and went to its northern areas.

Also, pictures of the bodies of five dead people were published, which were in Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in the city of “Deir al-Balah” in the center of Gaza, and some of them were wearing clothes with charity logos. According to the statement of this organization, the dead were Australians, Poles, Canadians. – They were American, English and Palestinian.

Source: IRNA

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