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Hamas: The Zionists are only looking to buy time in the negotiations

Sources affiliated with Hamas rejected the claims of the occupying regime and the prime minister's office of this regime regarding the new proposal to agree on the ceasefire negotiations and exchange of prisoners and emphasized that the Zionists are only looking to buy time and do not want to stop the war.
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, after the claim of the Hebrew media about the process of ceasefire negotiations between Gaza and Also, the statements issued by the office of the Prime Minister of the occupying regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, regarding the drafting of a new cease-fire agreement and the exchange of prisoners, and waiting for the response of the Hamas movement, Hamas spokesman Jihad Taha stated: All that the Zionist negotiating team wants is to buy time. And the Zionists have no seriousness in the negotiations and still want to continue their aggression in line with their personal and political goals, especially Netanyahu’s personal goals. He is ready to talk about any initiative and proposal and will investigate it; provided that these proposals are based on principles that are consistent with international guarantees and commitments for a ceasefire. Because the work of mediators is basically to try to bring the viewpoints closer and deal with controversial issues. But Hamas adheres to its previous principles, which it emphasized, and that is the permanent cessation of war, the return of refugees, the withdrawal of occupying forces from Gaza, and the arrival of aid convoys throughout the region.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the office The Prime Minister of the Zionist regime announced that the Israeli negotiating team will return from Cairo after the intensive round of negotiations, and during these negotiations, a new revised proposal was presented and we are waiting for Hamas’s response. Negotiations are maneuvering

However, one of the leaders of Hamas, in a conversation with al-Arabi al-Jadid, announced that these statements by Netanyahu’s office are in the context of his continued evasion in the negotiations. In fact, Netanyahu and his far-right cabinet are trying to escape from internal pressures again; Especially after the intensification of protests in Tel Aviv against Netanyahu due to not taking the issue of Israeli prisoners in Gaza seriously. Hamas shows its flexibility and this has become a common procedure that whenever the pressure of the families of the Zionist prisoners and other Israelis increases against Netanyahu, he tries to launch a new maneuver in the negotiations and move the ball to the ground of the resistance. In fact, with these maneuvers, Netanyahu wants to tell the settlers that he has listened to them and is trying to reach an agreement on the exchange of prisoners, but the resistance rejects all proposals.

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No new proposal has been presented

He added that but in none of the proposals that the Zionists offer, there is no new change and it does not meet the demands of the Palestinians. Now, what the Zionists refer to as the new proposal is nothing more than a slight increase in the number of women and children who can return to the northern Gaza Strip. This is while the resistance insists on the unconditional return of all displaced persons.

According to this source, who asked not to be named, the Zionists, in what they have put forward as a new proposal, demand a preliminary ceasefire in the days Eid, which is actually in the framework of pressure on the resistance to accept it; If none of the desired principles of resistance in terms of ceasefire and exchange of prisoners have been considered in this so-called proposal. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the occupying regime, is preventing any agreement and the only thing he is doing is maneuvering in the media. Netanyahu is looking for the negotiations to be just a path without results, and he is launching a media maneuver and sending delegations to negotiate that do not have the authority to do so.

While in the shadow of the Zionist regime’s disruptions, none of them have so far Negotiations for a cease-fire in Gaza and the exchange of prisoners have not come to fruition, a source familiar with these indirect negotiations between Hamas and the occupying regime announced that the Israelis have not accepted any of the main demands of the Palestinian people and the resistance.

The source said that the mediators received a negative response from Israel, and based on this response, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime is not looking for an agreement that would lead to the cessation of aggression against Gaza and the return of Palestinian refugees to their areas in the north of this area.

Movement In order to clarify its position again, Hamas emphasized by issuing a statement: We adhere to all our demands regarding the establishment of a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire, the withdrawal of the occupying forces from the Gaza Strip, the return of the refugees to their areas, and the conclusion of a detailed and serious deal for the exchange of prisoners.

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