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Armed conflict between Palestinian youth and aggressor elements in the West Bank

The resistance forces stationed in the West Bank did not give up against the aggression of the Zionist regime in this area and went into action.

report Mehr News Agency, according to Al-Mayadeen network, the resistance forces targeted the Zionist aggressors in the area of ​​Azzoun, located in the east of Qalqilya, during the attack on this area.

These forces tried to prevent their advance in the east of Qallilyeh by throwing grenades at the Zionist soldiers.

Also, armed clashes between the occupying Zionist elements and the Palestinian forces took place around Al-Fara’ camp located in Tubas.

Palestinian youths living in Zabooba area, located west of Jenin, also clashed with Zionist aggressors during the attack on this area.

Media reports indicate that during the attack on the al-Arub camp located in the north of Hebron, the Zionist forces encountered the Palestinian forces standing in this area.

In addition to this, a conflict between Palestinian citizens and occupation forces was reported during the attack on Shuafat camp and Ras Khamis neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem.

Yesterday, news sources announced the occurrence of an anti-Zionist operation in the southeast of Netanya, located in the occupied territories. According to these reports, at least four policemen of this regime were seriously injured during the car chase operation.

Hebrew-language media announced that four Israeli policemen were injured as a result of a car chase operation in “Kokhav Yayer” area in the south-east of Netanya. They are declared critical.

Zionist sources emphasized that this incident started when a person with a car ran over four policemen in al-Tira area and fled towards Eyal crossing. Then the Zionist elements stopped him at that place and shot him.


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