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Dozens of cases of Turkish army encroachment on Iraqi territory this year have been registered

One of the leaders of the Iraqi coordination framework coalition announced the increase of the Turkish army's aggression on the country's territory.

report Mehr News Agency quoted by Al-Malouma, “Jabar Oudeh”, one of the leaders of the Iraqi Coordination Framework Coalition, emphasized that the Turkish army has committed 40 invasions into Iraqi territory this year.

Audeh added: The scope of these Turkish military aggressions includes 10 areas on the borders of Iraqi Kurdistan Region and Nineveh, which is a clear violation of the sovereignty of our country and the principles of good neighborliness. .

He said: Ankara makes many excuses to justify its attacks and assassinations on Iraqi soil. The realization of stability is not done through the construction of bases and barracks inside Iraq, but through moving towards cooperation with Baghdad with the aim of realizing the interests of both sides.

Before this, the Turkish newspaper “Hurriyet” claimed that the country’s army was planning a large-scale ground operation against the forces affiliated with the Turkish Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). ) is in the north of Iraq.

In the meantime, political activists and Iraqi officials have warned many times about the increase in Turkish aggression against the north of this country and the passive stance of the Baghdad government towards these aggressions.


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