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Clashes in Van, Türkiye, in protest of the results of the municipal elections

Yesterday, the city of Van, Turkey, witnessed many conflicts due to the government's interference in choosing a person apart from the people's elected officials in the city's municipal elections.
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according to the international group Tasnim news agency, Van city Yesterday, Turkey witnessed many clashes between the people and the police of this city. The people of Van came to the streets and clashed with the city’s police in protest against the removal of “Abdullah Zidan” the elected mayor of this city and the replacement of “Abdullah Ahad” in his place.



“Abdullah Zidan” candidate of the Kurdish party DEM in competition with “Abdullah Arvas” from The ruling Justice and Development Party won with 55 percent of the votes against 27 percent, but the government decided to remove Zidan and declare Abdul Ahed as the mayor based on “prohibited rights”.

“Abdullah Zidan” went to prison in 2016, a year after being accused of “complicity and propaganda” for the PKK, and was released in 2022. The government and the prosecutor’s office believe that the ban of “Abdullah Zidan” from running has not yet ended and this makes him ineligible for the municipal elections.

During the past years According to this paragraph, the government had dismissed or imprisoned some mayors of the Kurdish regions and replaced them with guardian mayors.

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