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Putin: The West is trying to take revenge on Russia

Pointing out that the West still holds Russia responsible for the destruction of colonialism in the changing world, Vladimir Putin said: Now the Western countries want to take revenge on this country because of the unsuccessful campaigns of Napoleon and Hitler.
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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency quoting “Novosti” news agency, Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that Western countries hold Russia responsible for the destruction of colonialism in the world, but this process was inevitable.

Last night In a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, he said in the past: This historical concern still exists in the West, and some still blame Russia for the fact that some of them once lost their colonial power. They never let go of their grudge against us, because relatively speaking, Russia has helped the people of Africa, Latin America and many Asian countries to stand on their feet again and fight for freedom, so in the West they believe that Russia is responsible for the destruction. It is colonialism. However, this is not true at all.

In Putin’s opinion, the Soviet Union’s actions accelerated a process that was already inevitable. According to him, the world is changing because new forces are developing at a speed that has never happened before.

Putin: The West intends take revenge for the defeat of Napoleon and Hitler

Vladimir Putin in his meeting with the officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reminded that the West after unsuccessful campaigns against Russia in the past centuries , including France during Napoleon’s time and Nazi Germany, has found vindictive tendencies towards this country. According to him, there are many such historical examples.

The Russian president added: those in the West “are trying to establish their hegemony in the world at our expense.” keep up with today’s changing pace.

He also noted that Russia is in a difficult period of its history and that its detractors have wanted since the collapse of the Soviet Union. destroy this country and subjugate what remains of it after separating the different republics, i.e. the core of the country,

President The President of Russia linked the development of extremism with illegal immigration

Vladimir Putin emphasized in this meeting that illegal immigration is often a platform for extremist activities, criminal offenses and Ideological pumping of false preachers and internet sites.

At the same time, he pointed out that the recent terrorist attacks are equivalent to the ideology of extreme nationalism, and emphasized that the use of such events Sadness to incite national hatred, xenophobia and Islamophobia is unacceptable and no one should step in such a direction.

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