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18.5 billion dollars; The damage of 4 months of Zionist brutality in Gaza

According to an international report prepared by the World Bank and the United Nations, the devastating war waged by the Zionist regime against Gaza has severely affected all parts of this region, and the direct damage it has caused in 4 months is equivalent to 18. It is 5 billion dollars.
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, the World Bank and the United Nations in a report examining the amount of destruction which the occupying regime has created in its brutal aggression in the Gaza Strip, announced that the cost of damage to buildings and vital infrastructure in the Gaza Strip in just 4 months is approximately 18.5 billion dollars, which is equivalent to 97% of the gross domestic product of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip together. , in 2022.

The World Bank announced that in this report, it used remote data collection sources to estimate damage to Gaza’s material infrastructure in critical sectors from October 2023 to the end of January 2024. Based on this, the severe damage to Gaza’s facilities and infrastructure directly affects its economy. According to this report, 72% of the damage is related to residential buildings, 19% to public service infrastructure such as water. , health and education and 9% is related to commercial and industrial buildings. Estimates show that almost all parts of Gaza have been affected by this war, and maybe there is a very small part that has not been damaged yet. The bombings left a huge amount of destruction, estimated to be more than 26 million tons. This means that the debris removal operation in Gaza will take years.

This report also mentions the devastating impact of the war on the residents of Gaza and states that more than half of the people of Gaza are in a crisis of hunger and the entire population This region also suffers from severe food insecurity. Today, more than one million people are homeless in Gaza, and 75% of the population of this area has been displaced. According to this, women, children, the elderly, and disabled people suffer the most from the disastrous effects of war, and health Their bodies and minds are severely damaged. Meanwhile, children are the biggest victims, and in addition to psychological problems, their growth and development have also been severely affected by the consequences of war.

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The UN report also emphasized that after being damaged or destroyed 84% of hospitals and facilities Health, electricity and water in Gaza, the residents of this area do not have access to even the lowest level of health and medicine facilities to save their lives. Also, the water and sanitation sector is almost broken and only 5% of this sector is active. This situation has led to severe water rationing and a thirst crisis. According to this report, 100% of students have dropped out of school. The United Nations emphasized The electricity grids and solar energy production systems were also severely affected and the electricity flow in Gaza was completely cut off almost from the first week of the conflict. Also, with the closure of 92% of the main roads and the collapse of the communication infrastructure, it is very difficult to provide aid to the people of Gaza. A few days ago, the state media office in the Gaza Strip published the statistics of 170 days of Zionist brutality in Gaza, according to which 168 government headquarters, and 450 schools and universities have been completely or partially destroyed in the attack of the invaders.

Regarding religious places, the situation is the same, and 226 mosques have been completely destroyed and 290 mosques have been damaged. 3 churches have been destroyed by the occupiers.

The occupiers have also completely destroyed 70,000 residential units in the Gaza Strip and 290,000 units have been partially destroyed.

The occupying army has 200 It has also destroyed the ancient and cultural site of Gaza. 2 million people have been displaced as a result of the Zionist aggression in the Gaza Strip, and most of them have gone to Rafah in the southernmost point of the Gaza Strip. where it is under constant threats from the Zionists for a ground attack.

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