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Russia: ISIS of Afghanistan is created by America and England

The special representative of Russia in Afghanistan announced that the ISIS terrorist group was created by America and England in northern Afghanistan.
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According to the regional office of Tasnim News Agency, Zamir Kabulov, Russia’s special representative for Afghanistan affairs, said A branch of the ISIS terrorist group was created in the north of Afghanistan by American and British forces.

He said in a conversation with “RTV One” that ISIS Khorasan appeared in Afghanistan and it happened just when the American forces and Many other NATO forces were stationed there.

Kabulov noted that the ISIS terrorist group in Afghanistan did not challenge the Americans who were the occupiers of Afghanistan at first, but it created problems for the Taliban.

The special representative of Russia in Afghanistan added that the Taliban, who were themselves armed opponents, fought with ISIS. When we told this to the Americans and his other friends, they argued that the main threat in Afghanistan is al-Qaeda. He also said that there are other facts of the connection between the United States and ISIS, and that the Taliban have shared some things with Russia. .

Kabulov said: When the Taliban were fighting with ISIS and putting them under pressure, American helicopters would appear and take ISIS people with them.

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According to the president, the special representative of Russia in Afghanistan said that the ISIS terrorist group in northern Afghanistan includes There are people from Central Asia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and some others are even from Russia, and they have also been active against Iran.

Kabulov previously wrote in the Russian publication “Nizavisima Gazeta” that the Americans, along with their British accomplices, Everyone is trying to strengthen the positions and the destructive potential of the Afghan branch of ISIS, so that this group can be a tool to put pressure on the countries of Central Asia and separate them from Russia. div id=”clearfix” class=”clearfix”/>


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