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Akram Al-Kaabi: All the power of resistance has not been used yet

Leaders of the resistance axis gave a speech at the "Minbar al-Quds" meeting on the occasion of commemorating the International Al-Quds Day.

report Mehr News Agency quoted Al-Mayadeen, the annual meeting of “Minbar al-Quds” was held on the occasion of the International Quds Day, and the leaders of the resistance axis gave a speech in this meeting via virtual space.

Akram Al-Kaabi: We have not shown our power yet

“Akram Al-Kaabi”, Secretary General of the Najba Movement, said in this virtual meeting: Iraqi resistance, Lebanese and Yemeni resistance will stay with the Palestinian resistance until the end.

He added: Washington has sent more than 30,000 tons of aid to the occupation regime, so it is complicit in its terrible crimes.

Al-Kaabi said: We tell the enemy of Israel and its partner, the United States, that the resistance has so far only used soft warnings in the scope of its power.

Ziyad Al-Nakhale: Thank you to Iran and Iranians / We must unite our nations, fighters and goals in the day Let’s strengthen Quds

Ziyad al-Nakhlah, the Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement, also said: Despite the siege and hunger, we realized that our Arab and Muslim brothers cannot even bring some water to the thirsty. /p>

He added: We ask our Arab brothers to treat us the same way they treat Israel, because everything Israel needs comes from countries that take everything from We have forbidden it to flow towards it.

Al-Nakhleh said: The integrity of the resistance and the unity of its fields must be preserved in the face of the divisive project in the region that is carried out for the benefit of the Zionist plan.

He added: We are grateful for the support of Iran and its people for the resistance and the efforts of this country to increase the strength of the resistance and support it. For the Islamic Republic of Iran, we play a historic role in supporting and supporting the resistance.

Al-Nakhleh said: International Quds Day should be a station where we strengthen the unity of nations, fighters and our goals.

Hanieh: Quds Day this year will be held in the shadow of the Battle of Al-Aqsa Storm

Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the political office of Hamas, said in a speech at the al-Quds pulpit ceremony: This year, Al-Quds Day will be held in the shadow of the battle of the Great Al-Aqsa Storm.

He added: The world is witnessing the crimes of the occupiers in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem. Today, we are fighting for freedom from the yoke of the Zionist enemy.

The head of the political office of Hamas stated: I condemn the heinous crime committed by the enemy of Zionism in Syria.

The head of the political office of Hamas said: The Al-Aqsa storm brought Palestine to life in the hearts of millions. This battle marked the unity of the Islamic Ummah.

He added: Today, Gaza has turned a new page of the nation’s greatness with its unstoppable resistance. The caravan of martyrs in Gaza increases the strength and stability of Gaza.

Hanieh said: People with the sacrifices of the residents of Gaza are among the most precious possessions of the Palestinian nation. In this battle, all the illusions of the enemy and its army were destroyed. If it were not for America’s support and participation in this war, the occupying enemy would never have carried out its murders and crimes.


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