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Patrushev: Traces of Ukraine are evident in the terrorist attack in Moscow

The Secretary of the Security Council of Russia announced that the United States is trying to hide the traces of Ukraine in the recent terrorist attack in Moscow.

report Mehr News Agency, citing Sputnik, the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia announced that America and Ukraine were involved in the recent terrorist attack in Moscow.

“Nikolai Patrushev”, the secretary of the Russian Security Council, announced on Wednesday that traces of Ukraine can be traced in the terrorist attack on the concert hall in the suburbs of Moscow.

The Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, at the 19th annual meeting of senior security officials of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states, said: They are trying to impose on us that this terrorist act was not by Kiev regime, but it was done by ISIS.

Petrushev emphasized that it is much more important to quickly determine who is the mastermind and sponsor of this horrific crime.

This senior Russian security official said that traces of this crime lead to Ukrainian intelligence services. However, everyone knows very well that the Kiev regime is not independent and is completely controlled by America.

Patroshev emphasized: It should be kept in mind that ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups were formed by Washington.

Earlier, a well-informed source told Sputnik news agency that Western media reports claiming that the US had warned Russia about preparations for a terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall are not true. .


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