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Iran and Syria were sentenced to 191 million dollars in an American court under the pretext of a murder

A court in America sentenced Iran and Syria to pay 191 million dollars on the pretext of killing an American-Israeli operative by Hamas.

The American Fox News network reported on Wednesday local time: A court in the United States ordered Iran and Syria to pay 191 million dollars for the murder of an American citizen living in Israel in the year 2018 was condemned by Hamas.

The Fox News network announced: The District Court of the District of Columbia announced that Ari Fold’s family is entitled to receive compensation due to Iran and Syria’s support for terrorism.

It is stated in this report: Iran and Syria did not send a lawyer to defend themselves in this case, which led to the issuance of this verdict in absentia.

“The knife attack that killed Mr. Fold was a tragic event and money cannot fully compensate for the harm these defendants have caused,” Chief Justice Royce Lambert said in the ruling. . Iran and Syria once again provided material support to Hamas and thereby helped to brutally kill the husband, father, son and brother of these plaintiffs.”
Fox News wrote: Fold, who was 45 at the time, was outside a shopping mall in the West Bank Jewish district of Gush Etzion in 2018 when he was stabbed to death by 17-year-old Palestinian Khalil Jabarin.
Israel’s Ynet News reported that Fold, a father of four, chased his assailant after stabbing him and then died. One of the passers-by shot Jabarin and wounded him, and the Israeli police arrested him.

According to the Times of Israel, Jabarin was found guilty in 2020 for the intentional murder of Fold and the attempted murder of three other people, and was also sentenced to pay an amount equal to 365 thousand dollars to his family.

Fox News further said that Fald was a well-known activist who supported Israel and had delivered packages containing first aid to the Israeli army, and it is unlikely that Fald’s family could force Iran and Syria to pay this compensation, but the US government usually has ways to obtain these compensations from the parties who are accused.

One of these methods is to withdraw money from a fund in the US Department of Justice, which is called “Fund for Victims of Sponsors of State Terrorism”. This fund seeks to distribute frozen funds from countries that are called “state terrorism sponsors” among parties that are called “state terrorism victims”.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has previously described the judicial efforts against Tehran in American courts as deviant actions based on political and biased approaches.

“Richard Heidman”, a lawyer representing the Fold family and estate, claimed: “This case could be a prelude to the victims of the Hamas massacre on October 7, 2023.”

Source: IRNA

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