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America: We sent a message to Iran not to attack our bases

The US State Department announced that following the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, the country sent a message to Tehran that Iran should not attack American forces.

The spokesperson of the US State Department announced that Washington has sent a message to Tehran that it had “no role” in the attack on the consulate of this country (Iran) in Damascus, Syria, and Iran should not “use this attack as an excuse to attack its forces and bases.” Americans should use it.”

Matthew Miller, the spokesperson of the US State Department, stated this on Wednesday local time in response to a reporter’s question that asked him, how do you think Iran responded to the US message regarding the attack on its facilities in Damascus? Because the Iranian authorities are still threatening to retaliate?

“I’m not going to talk about how we got it,” Miller replied. Iranians can speak for themselves. I can only say that we very clearly announced to the Iranians that we had no role in this attack, we did not know about it before it happened, and we warned that Iran should not use this attack as an excuse to attack American forces and bases. /p>
At the same time, the spokesperson of the US State Department did not announce whether the Joe Biden administration followed up its message through a third country or not, but clarified: We have the ability to send direct and indirect messages to Iran when it is based on our interests. Yes, we have.

Miller in response to another question about whether the attacked building was really diplomatic? He said: We are still gathering information about the exact type of these facilities.

In response to another question, the spokesperson of the US State Department said that according to Iran’s response or threats, have the interests of the United States of America and its forces in the region and around the world been put on alert? He said: We were worried about the increase in tensions since October 7th (2023) and since then we have been evaluating the situation of the embassies in terms of threats.

Another reporter asked the spokesperson of the US State Department that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced in his recent press interview with his French counterpart in Paris that Russia had already received ballistic missiles from Iran. Is this true or was it a translation error (from French to English)?

Miller replied: The foreign minister was speaking in French, and we have clearly stated that we are concerned about the growing security cooperation between Iran and Russia, but the foreign minister was talking about providing drones from Iran to Russia.

Source: IRNA

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