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Lapid: Everything is falling apart in Israel

The opposition leader of the Zionist regime emphasized that with the continuation of the work of the Zionist cabinet, everything around and inside this regime is collapsing.

The Zionist Radio, quoting Yair Lapid, the leader of the opposition of the Zionist regime, announced that everything around and inside the Zionist regime is collapsing.

According to the Al-Nashrah report, in a situation where the intensity of protests against the Zionist cabinet is increasing and the protesters are demanding a prisoner exchange deal with the Hamas movement, Lapid announced: What is needed is to end this destructive government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. is Israel; Because all the options before Israel are bad.

The war of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip without achieving the two main goals announced by the Zionist regime, i.e. the destruction of the Hamas movement and the return of prisoners, is entering its 180th day in a situation where the humanitarian disaster due to the siege of the Gaza Strip is increasing.

In the past, the head of the opposition of the Zionist regime criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu’s warlike policy towards Gaza and said that Netanyahu has not learned from his defeat in the Gaza war and cannot remain at the top of the power pyramid.

Recently, the Zionist newspaper “Haaretz” in a report expressed concern about the continued activity of the regime’s cabinet under Netanyahu’s prime ministership and also the continuation of this regime’s war against the people of Gaza, and wrote: “In times of war, Netanyahu will disintegrate Israel and endanger the alliance with Washington.” throws.

This Zionist newspaper pointed out that according to the polls, Netanyahu’s popularity among the Zionists has decreased, and added: After the decrease in his popularity in the polls, Netanyahu hopes to use the anger of the Israelis to meet his electoral needs.

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