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Increasing global calls for an arms embargo on Israel

Human Rights Watch and the UN rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, pointing out that the Zionist regime is committing genocide and war crimes in Gaza, called for immediate action to embargo this regime at various levels, including weapons.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, following the continuation of the requests of human rights organizations for the arms embargo of the regime Zionist because of its crimes against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, Human Rights Watch today, presenting a documented report of the killing of 106 civilians, including 54 children, in an attack by the Israeli army on a residential building in Gaza on October 31, announced that Israel committed a crime. There is a war in Gaza.

This human rights organization further emphasized that the countries of the world should stop sending weapons to Israel and support the investigation of the International Criminal Court in Palestine.

Albaniz said in a video message that Israel is massacring the civilians of Gaza and has turned this area into an unlivable place.

He pointed He emphasized that the effects of the destruction of Gaza will affect the future generations and the need to take specific steps against Israel and called for economic, political and diplomatic sanctions, in addition to an arms embargo against this regime.

This UN reporter Also, in his speech yesterday, he announced that Israel has crossed all red lines while it considers itself immune from any punishment.

He hinted at the brutal aggression of the Zionist regime on the consular building of the Islamic Republic of Iran embassy in Damascus emphasized that Israel targeted a foreign embassy on the territory of another country and also massacred an aid team that went to Gaza to deliver aid. It was because of its continuous crimes. Albanese recently said in a speech that since the beginning of his mission to investigate Israel’s crimes in the Gaza Strip, he has been repeatedly attacked and threatened by this regime.

div class=”markup-container readmore-container”>The Human Rights Council is preparing to approve the Israeli arms embargo resolution

The request of the German party for an arms embargo against the Zionist regime

during a press conference announced that after 5 months of research and investigation about the crimes and killings carried out by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip, he came to the conclusion that what Israel is doing in Gaza is genocide. Israel has carried out 3 acts in the context of genocide in Gaza, which include killing Palestinians in Gaza, displacing these people and destroying signs of life there. Israel uses prohibited weapons against Palestinians in Gaza and massacres these people by starvation. These are a series of war crimes that have not happened before in the occupied Palestinian territories.

This UN special rapporteur further warned that what Israel is doing in Gaza is creating conditions that make life impossible for Palestinians and actions The Israeli army in Gaza expresses their intention to destroy all elements of life in this area, which is classified under the crime of genocide. Israel said that its goal was to destroy Hamas, but we see that the crimes committed by the Israeli army have led to the killing of a large number of civilians. According to Tasnim, the United Nations Human Rights Council reviewed the draft on Friday. will pass a resolution that calls for the imposition of arms embargoes against Israel, considering the “danger of genocide in Gaza”. Condemned and asked this regime to “adhere to its legal obligations to prevent genocide” in Gaza. Countries are also asked to stop selling or transferring arms, ammunition and other military equipment to Israel.

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