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Palestinian resistance: The Zionists are not looking for any agreement

Sources familiar with the atmosphere of the Gaza cease-fire negotiations emphasized that no progress has been made in these negotiations, and the Israeli side and Netanyahu himself are seeking to buy time and deceive the public opinion of the Zionists, and they neither intend to stop the war nor reach an agreement.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, while the Hebrew media claimed progress in the regime’s indirect negotiations Zionists have reached an agreement with Hamas regarding the cease-fire and exchange of prisoners, and everyone is waiting for Hamas’s response to the new proposal for an agreement. A source related to the Palestinian resistance, who is aware of the negotiations, announced that there was no progress in the recent meetings between the mediators and the Israeli side.

This source stated in an interview with Al-Mayadeen: The recent meetings of the mediators with the Zionist delegation could not lead to a ceasefire agreement, and Hamas reiterates that it adheres to its main demands and will never back down in this matter. .

There has been no progress in the negotiations.

According to the mentioned source, there has been no progress in these negotiations, especially in relation to the main demands of the Palestinians, i.e. stopping the war, withdrawing the occupying enemy from the Gaza Strip and The refugees did not return to their areas.

On the other hand, another well-informed source in an interview with Al-Jazeera announced that Israel’s response to the mediators was expressed by Shabak and Mossad officials and the army of this regime during their trip to Egypt. , does not carry any new proposals that can advance the negotiations of the exchange of prisoners and a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. The Israelis have said that they will allow 2,000 women, children and elderly people over the age of 50 to return to northern Gaza in the first phase of the ceasefire. The unconditional release of the refugees is adhered to along with an immediate ceasefire and the completion of the prisoner exchange process, which is focused on civilian prisoners in the first stage. The source added that the mediators did not receive a positive response from the Israeli side, but this means the It is not a matter of negotiation. From the point of view of the resistance, what the Zionist cabinet puts forward in the media about the new proposal for an agreement etc. is aimed at calming the public opinion of the Israelis and maneuvering in front of the families of the Israeli prisoners so that the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, pretends that It is making serious efforts to return the Israeli prisoners.

deadlock in Gaza ceasefire negotiations with Zionist sabotage
Hamas: Netanyahu seeks to buy time

Netanyahu is not looking for any agreement

This source further said that Netanyahu continues to put obstacles in the way of an agreement and is not interested in the release of Israeli prisoners. Netanyahu pretends that he is interested in continuing the negotiations, but in reality he is trying to buy time and deal with the anger of the families of the Israeli prisoners. Cairo is coming back and during these negotiations, a new revised proposal has been proposed and we are waiting for Hamas’s response.

However, one of the leaders of Hamas, in a conversation with al-Arabi al-Jadeed, announced that these statements by Netanyahu’s office are in the context of continuing His evasion is in negotiations. In fact, Netanyahu and his far-right cabinet are trying to escape from internal pressures again; Especially after the intensification of protests in Tel Aviv against Netanyahu due to not taking the issue of Israeli prisoners in Gaza seriously. Hamas shows its flexibility and this has become a common procedure that whenever the pressure of the families of the Zionist prisoners and other Israelis increases against Netanyahu, he tries to launch a new maneuver in the negotiations and move the ball to the ground of the resistance. In fact, with these maneuvers, Netanyahu wants to tell the settlers that he has listened to them and is trying to reach an agreement on the exchange of prisoners, but the resistance rejects all proposals. He added that none of the proposals presented by the Zionists They say that there is no new change and it does not meet the demands of the Palestinians. Now, what the Zionists refer to as the new proposal is nothing more than a slight increase in the number of women and children who can return to the northern Gaza Strip. This is while the resistance emphasizes the unconditional return of all displaced persons.

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