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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of International Quds Day

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran called the Palestine cause a symbol of the unity of humanity in a statement appropriate to the World Quds Day.
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According to the foreign policy group Tasnim news agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran issued a statement on the occasion of International Day Quds published and clarified that the Palestinian cause has become a symbol of the unity of humanity of all races, religions and religions all over the world.

This statement states: “On the anniversary of the historic initiative of the great leader of the Islamic Revolution and the founder The Islamic Republic of Iran Hazrat Imam Khomeini (RA) named the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as “World Quds Day”, now the cause of Palestine and the freedom of the Holy Quds as a symbol of the unity of mankind from every race, religion and religion all over the world in defense of Humanity and freedom, realization of justice and expressing opposition to the occupation and oppression and murder and crime against the oppressed and besieged Palestinian nation by the Zionist regime have changed. The situation of Palestine and its civilized and oppressed people is today at the threshold Two hundred days since the beginning of the recent six-month crimes of the Zionists against the Gaza Strip, it has turned into a great tragedy for humanity. The Zionist regime of Israel continues to commit its horrible crimes; The killing of nearly 40,000 babies, children and innocent men and women by an occupying, racist and terrorist regime, following the scorched earth policy and the complete destruction of the Gaza Strip by destroying residential houses, infrastructure, hospitals, schools, mosques and churches, starving The intentionality of people has continued until the death.

Intensification of the desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque as the first Qibla of Muslims in the world and the beating and bleeding of worshipers and pilgrims in the courtyard of this holy place during the bright days of the holy month. Ramadan and the publication of reports of horrific and shameful crimes committed by the Zionists in violating and disrespecting Palestinian women and prisoners, not only the Gaza Strip, but the entire land of Palestine from a prison without a roof for several million Palestinian citizens, to a humane slaughterhouse and a cemetery. The conscience of humanity has changed. Despite the fact that the sufferings of the oppressed and helpless Palestinian women and children have reached the sky, but the patient and resilient Palestinian nation bravely and bravely faced this oppression and oppression. A great historical crime stands. Undoubtedly, the shame of these great crimes will forever be on the foreheads of the supporters of this regime, and at the head of that regime is the United States of America and other Western governments, which not only did not prevent the occurrence of this great cruelty, but also From the very first days, they supported this regime by traveling to the occupied territories of Palestine and sending all kinds of arms and all-round support, it will never be erased from the memory and pages of human history. Palestine and the fighting and brave forces of the resistance front in the region have established the rhetoric and chaos and the myth of the invincibility of the occupying regime by drowning this regime and its main supporter, the criminal America, in the swamp of deep and general hatred of the nations of the world, and the defeat of the usurping regime is certain. And it is certain and in accordance with the divine promise. Arrogant political and propaganda apparatuses and global Zionism are no longer able to prevent this definite defeat by attributing this resistance arising from the awakened and freedom-loving consciences of the vigilant nations of the region to Iran.

Ibid. As the wise and wise leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei (as) clearly and decisively emphasized; The Islamic Republic of Iran supports and praises the resistance and supports it as much as possible, but the resistance has reached a level of maturity, growth and awakening that it makes decisions in defense of the oppressed against the oppressor and its supporters with firm determination and complete honesty. Courageously supports the oppressed people of Palestine.

While during the past six months, we have witnessed the great unity and companionship of justice-seeking and conscientious people in solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine and expressing their hatred for the Zionist regime. We were in the capitals and cities and villages of the countries of the world from the east to the west and even in the streets of the capitals and cities of the western countries, the cry of oppression and courage and anti-tyranny of the heroic Palestinian nation and the truth and reality of what is happening in the land of Palestine, on a daily basis. This year’s Quds World will resonate more than ever from the throats of hundreds of millions of justice-seeking and freedom-loving people all over the world, and the liberation of Palestine from the yoke of oppression, occupation and genocide will be seen not only as the first issue of the Islamic world, but also as an issue The world of humanity and the most obvious example of gross violation of human rights and international laws and regulations will demand. The Zionist regime has once again reminded the responsibility of the international community and the governments of the world, especially in Islamic countries, to provide all-round support to the oppressed Palestinian nation, especially the residents and war victims under the siege of the Gaza Strip, and calls for effective, decisive and immediate action by the governments and legal institutions. and international in stopping these crimes and filing a criminal case to prosecute and prosecute the perpetrators, perpetrators and supporters of such human tragedies. In pursuing the legal pursuit of the continuous occupation of the Palestinian land and the violation of the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination, it supports the efforts of other governments in the world in the direction of the rights of the Palestinian people.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the eve of the International Quds Day (17th of April 1403) while re-emphasizing the continuation of the principled and consistent policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in supporting the liberation struggles and the legitimate resistance of the Palestinian nation and the need to effectively confront all side and deterring the crimes of the occupying and child-killing Zionist regime, all the Muslim governments and nations and freedom-seekers and rights-seekers of the world to unity and solidarity to deal with this cancerous tumor that disrupts regional and international stability and security and real and practical support The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran also reaffirms the legal duties of international and human rights organizations and institutions in supporting the rights of the people under the occupation of Palestine, ending the occupation, and stopping the barbaric crimes of the Zionists in Jerusalem. and other occupied areas of Palestine and to end the aggressive and tension-creating actions of the Zionists in the region and emphasizes it.”

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