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Day 181 of Al-Aqsa storm Shocking statistics from the Gaza war

The war in Gaza passed the sixth month today, when the Ministry of Health of Palestine announced that the number of martyrs has increased to more than 33 thousand people.
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the war in Gaza that started after the operation “Tufan al-Aqsa” Today has entered the 181st day and the Zionists are justifying the air attack on the employees of the charity organization “Ashparkhaneh Central Jahani” in the city of “Deir al-Balah”, an incident that happened on Tuesday and international condemnations in connection with it continue.

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Day 178 of al-Aqsa storm| Confirmation of the drone attack of the Iraqi resistance on Eilat reached 32 thousand 782 people So far in Gaza
Day 175 of al-Aqsa Storm|Increase of martyrs of Gaza to more than 32623 People
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Hamas: The international community should stop Israel’s hunger war against Gaza

Palestine Hamas movement in response to the report of the Relief and Works Agency The United Nations for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) announced that the Israeli regime continues to prevent aid from this agency from reaching northern Gaza, and that these actions of the occupiers mean the insistence of the leaders of the Zionist terrorist regime to continue the hunger war against Palestinian civilians.

Shocking statistics from 180 days of Israel’s brutal war against Gaza

Government Information Office in the Gaza Strip on the 180th day of the occupation regime’s brutal war against Gaza, It published the statistics of the most prominent crimes of this regime and emphasized that the Nazi Zionists have committed 2,922 massacres against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip since October 7. According to the statistics published by this government institution in Gaza, up to one hundred The 80th day of this aggression means that until yesterday, the number of martyrs and missing people has reached 40,000, most of whom are women and children. Also, as a result of the suffocating siege imposed by the occupying enemy on Gaza, 30 children have died due to hunger. (Read more at here)

Palestinian resistance: Zionists are not looking for any deal

While the Hebrew media claimed that progress has been made in the indirect negotiations between the Zionist regime and Hamas regarding the ceasefire and the exchange of prisoners, and everyone is waiting for Hamas’s response to the new proposal for an agreement, a source related to the Palestinian resistance, who is from the space Negotiations informed that there was no progress in the recent meetings of the mediators with the Israeli side.

This source stated in an interview with Al-Mayadeen: The recent meetings of the mediators with the Zionist delegation could not lead to a ceasefire agreement. Hamas reiterates that it adheres to its main demands and will never back down. The Islamic Resistance of Iraq announced in a statement this Thursday morning that in support of the people and the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, it has targeted one of the air bases of the Israeli regime.

According to the statement of the Iraqi resistance, the Ramat air base David, which is one of the three important air bases in Tel Aviv, has been targeted by drones. This base is in the north of occupied Palestine.

Iraqi resistance has emphasized on continuing to attack Zionist enemy centers in order to complete the second stage of its operation against the Zionist occupation.

Hamas : Netanyahu seeks to buy time

A source among the leaders of the Hamas movement told Al Jazeera that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to buy time and calm the anger of the families of the Zionist prisoners. According to this source, the Prime Minister of Israel is showing false efforts regarding the pursuit of (ceasefire) negotiations.

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