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The resignation of the head of Aman investigation from his position

One of the highest officials of the military intelligence service of the Zionist regime resigned after taking responsibility for the defeat of this regime on October 7.

Amit Sa’er, the head of the research brigade in the military intelligence department of the Zionist regime known as Aman, immediately resigned from his position after taking full responsibility for the failure of Israel’s intelligence on October 7.

According to al-Mayadeen report, the Zionist media stated that Brigadier General Sa’ar is the most senior officer who has so far completed his mission among those responsible for the defeats of the war, noting that Etty Barun will be in this position for months until a permanent appointment is made. be done.

Baron held this position between 2011 and 2015 and served as a reservist in the research brigade since the beginning of the war against Gaza. Israeli media claimed that Sa’ar ended his mission “for personal reasons not related to the security situation”.

 It is worth noting that this is the second resignation of the investigation brigade in Aman, as an officer with the rank of major general resigned last February for his role in evaluating the intelligence that led to the failure on October 7.

Kanal Kahn described the action as “unusual” at the time, stressing that the failure went far beyond the performance of a major-rank officer and was linked to many of the highest-ranking commanders in Amman and elsewhere.


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