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Taliban: There is no need to appoint a special representative for Afghanistan

The head of the political office of the Taliban in Qatar stated that it is unnecessary to appoint a special representative for Afghanistan, while the UN delegation is present in Afghanistan.
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According to the regional office Tasnim News, Sohail Shaheen, the head of the political office of the Taliban in Qatar, in response to the statements of “Vanessa Frazier, Permanent Representative of Malta and Interim President of the Security Council, said that there is no need to appoint a special representative for Afghanistan in the current situation and in the existence of the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)..

Shahin told TOLOnews: We want to interact with the international community and solve problems in the light of our interests and principles, but because there is a United Nations representative in Afghanistan called UNAMA, it is necessary to appoint another representative. We do not see.

The new chairman of the Security Council recently expressed concern in a press conference that no steps have been taken to appoint a special representative for Afghanistan.

Fraser told reporters: We are supporters of an independent review of the situation in Afghanistan. We support the proposed plan, which ultimately requires the normalization of community relations. world with Afghanistan, but for this, action must be taken. We are looking forward to the appointment of the UN Special Envoy for Afghanistan, which unfortunately we have not heard anything about.


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Taliban had previously said in response to the Security Council resolution to appoint a special representative Representatives Especially, not only have they not solved any conflict in the contemporary history of Afghanistan and the world, but they have made the situation more complicated by imposing foreign versions.

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