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Velayati: Today’s resistance and developments in the region have been unprecedented

Ali Velayati, advisor to the Supreme Leader in international affairs, in a conversation with Ismail Haniyeh, head of the office of the Hamas political movement, said that today's resistance and developments in the region are unprecedented in history.
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according to the report of the international group Tasnim News Agency, Velayati spoke with Ismail Haniyeh today, Sunday, April 26, 1403.

Velaiti added: The performance of the faithful and heroic people of Palestine indicates that these struggles have entered a new era that has not been seen in contemporary history, and the destruction and collapse of the Zionist regime. which during this period killed a large number of the oppressed people of Gaza and Palestine is imminent.

Countries and member groups of the resistance front will continue to increase day by day.

Advisor to the Supreme Leader in international affairs in another part of this telephone conversation while condemning the terrorist attack of the Zionist regime. He said to the consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Syria: The brave and prudent action of the Islamic Republic of Iran last night in Operation Sadiq’s Promise caused a scandal to the Western countries and the supporters of the fake Zionist regime, who during the years after World War I and World War II tried to turn the Zionist regime into a to build a regional power, but with this decisive and crushing defensive move, in reality, the Zionist’s false hegemony was broken and it disgraced the crusaders who came late in the world.

General Secretary Islamic Awakening World stated about the operation of the honest promise that was carried out last night from Iran against the Zionist regime:
The series of actions carried out by the Palestinians and their supporters in the resistance front in recent months shows a fundamental evolution. It is in the history of Islamic struggles. These two milestones, i.e. your sacrifice and authority on the one hand, and the decisive, clear and explicit action of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the other hand, showed that the growing authority of the resistance front in the region is an undeniable fact.

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He added: The important thing is that the zealots of the Islamic world from Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Iran have done something that has surprised the world.


The head of the political office of Hamas also thanked the support and positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially the Supreme Leader (Mad Zala Al-Aali) towards Palestine and in more than 6 The month of hard struggle said: The crimes that the Zionist regime recently committed in martyring my children and grandchildren are only a part of the crimes of this cruel regime and it has different dimensions. First, it shows the evil and vengeful spirit of the criminal Zionist regime The failure of the Zionist regime in this war shows that they did not achieve any of their declared goals and the enemy’s conspiracy will definitely never be implemented and the resistance will be victorious.

Ismail Haniyeh said about the operation of the promise of truth: this courageous operation is a turning point in the way and method of conflict with the Zionist regime, and these operations emphasize that the time of killing Zionists in Palestine and the region is over.

He added: “I thank you and thank God that my children’s blood for the release of Quds and the mosque of Al-Aqsa with the blood of other martyrs of the resistance. They are all my children. Blended.

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