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United Nations: The conditions of Palestinian children in Gaza are deplorable

UNRWA reported the unimaginable conditions of children in the Gaza Strip due to the war.

to the report Al-Jazeera news agency A member of the United Nations, known as An Rowa, reported on the painful and suffering conditions of Palestinian children in Gaza.

This international organization, which is considered the largest aid organization to the Palestinians in Gaza, referring to The statistics of other international institutions active in Gaza, on their personal page on the X social network (former Twitter) in this Bare wrote: Palestinian children in Gaza are still unimaginably suffering from the Gaza war.

The United Nations Children’s Fund known as UNICEF, referring to the deplorable conditions in Gaza, which has endangered the health of children, as well as hunger and malnutrition in them, announced : 9 out of 10 Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip are facing extreme hunger.

International organization Oxfam An activist in the field of eradicating poverty, hunger, and injustice affiliated with the University of Oxford, England, also emphasized in a report that many Palestinian children in Gaza spend the whole day without food.

The organization concluded by asking international international institutions to intervene to prevent the occurrence The famine in Gaza emphasizes that no child in the world, including Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip, should face such deplorable conditions.

More than 15,500 Palestinian children have lost their lives since the start of the Zionist regime’s atrocities on Gaza on October 7, 2023.


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