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The ominous shadow of widespread strikes over the Paris Olympic Games

According to a tradition, on the eve of the Summer Olympics in France, many unions, including the manufacturers of medals for the athletes of these competitions, have put strikes on the agenda, which has led to disruptions, including the postponement of contracts for the production of medals.
– International news – Tasnim news agency, the German publication “Die Site” wrote in an article titled “Social ceasefire has failed in France: On the eve of the Games Paris Olympics, several unions have announced strikes. This is a tradition. But this time even the medalists are affected by these strikes.

Medals are probably in demand by many athletes around the world right now. The bronze, silver and gold medals for the Summer Olympics, which will be held in a few months, will be made by jewelers at the Paris Mint. In the middle of each charm is a piece of steel Eiffel Tower weighing 18 grams. According to the advertisement of the Olympic Committee, this metal was removed during previous revisions and stored in a “secret place” for the prize of these sports games. He sells and creates state medals in his workshop right near the Seine. The mint had to deliver 5,084 hexagon-shaped medals outside France by July 26, the opening day of the Olympics, at the latest. But this important contract is now in jeopardy. For more than three weeks, part of the workforce at the Monnaie de Paris mint has stopped working and is demanding more pay. Etienne Caste of the CGT Finances union says in a disdainful tone: “The current offer from employers is ridiculously low for us.” Nothing works at the Olympics without medals – and employees have not received bonuses for years.

Under the employers’ proposal in these disputes, employees with a net salary of €2,000 should only receive €50 more. A representative of the union criticizes that for many employees, this barely covers the recent increase in electricity costs. CGT Finances has also called for a bonus of around €2,000 for medalists as a pre-Games allowance. Discussions with the management of the Monnaie de Paris were initially fruitless. Negotiations continue again from Thursday. According to Kast, the medals have already been cut, but most of them lacked engraving and finishing and also had to be packaged in special boxes. Olympians want more money and rewards. This week the CGT, the largest public sector union, announced a possible strike over the summer months. Force Ouvrière, the second largest union in the public sector, has previously threatened strikes. Strikers can include hospital workers, construction workers, train and subway drivers, garbage collectors, teachers, and police officers. Workers at the world-famous Eiffel Tower in Paris are now fighting for more bonuses.

Unions are basing their demands on the often-imposed holiday ban for the August holiday month – and, for example, the higher costs associated with Report to child care. They also believe that more wages should be paid for the extra stress caused by the games. But their desire is not only money. Temporary Olympic jobs are supposed to become permanent employment jobs. Additionally, employees should be allowed to work from home and take days off even during peak hours. But organizing these issues has been met with chaos – many civil servants still don’t know where and how to work in the summer, or who can take care of children.

It means that the French government and the Olympic Committee have not been able to stop the interdepartmental strikes during the five weeks of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Just a few weeks ago, Tony Stangott, president of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee (COP), said he hoped for a social ceasefire this summer. “No one should spoil the celebration,” he said. At the same time, the government announced that it will pay bonuses of 500, 1,000 or even 1,500 euros to some government employees working at the Olympics.

Police and customs officers received a bonus of 1,900 euros in February. Given the government’s strong fear of riots or even terrorist attacks during the Olympics, Paris was apparently ready to make concessions to the security forces.

But there is still no agreement for nurses, doctors and paramedics. Last summer, when, as usual, more tourists flocked to France, the hospitals faced a desperate deterioration. Of course, there is a permanent shortage of nurses and doctors in Germany, and some emergency rooms have to be closed. “The government must take urgent action to ensure the success of the Games,” warned Sophie Binet, head of the CGT union. According to him, no preparations have been made for these games from a social point of view. He added: 30 managers of the Olympic Games received a total of about 580 million euros. This money should also be for the employees.

De Site further wrote: In fact, the metropolis of Paris will be in a state of emergency during the Olympic Games, and the government will depend on its people and from them. He wants them to satisfy their minimum needs. About ten million spectators are expected in addition to the usual throngs of tourists, and millions more will use the subway and litter, and even millions more may have to go to one of the emergency rooms. Meanwhile, Paris hospitals alone are planning to open 750 empty beds, which is about ten percent of their usual offer.

Now in France, strikes on the occasion of important events It has become a tradition. At the 2023 Rugby World Cup, tram drivers went on strike at the venues and air traffic controllers went on strike, and when the 2022 Champions League final took place in Paris, RATP regional train staff stopped work. As a result, thousands of fans arrived late at the stadium and were eventually blocked by slow security controls. This situation brought images of the anger of Liverpool and Real Madrid fans. France/Kiev’s footsteps in Moscow’s attack Palestine is occupied

France presents revised draft of ceasefire

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