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Netanyahu continues to fall

Netanyahu's position in the polls continues to move downhill and has reached below 20 seats.
– International News

According to the Hebrew group Tasnim news agency

, the Hebrew media announced on Friday, citing the results of the latest poll, that Netanyahu’s position continues to decline and fall, so that if the elections are held now, Netanyahu will have a maximum of 19 seats.

According to this survey that was published today, if the elections are held today, the opponents of the current cabinet will win 65 seats against the ruling coalition’s 50 seats. Yesh Atid party led by Yair Lapid with 13 seats and Yisrael Beitno led by Ovigdor Lieberman with 12 seats, as the two main critics of Netanyahu, are in the third and fourth places.

This poll, which was commissioned by Maariu newspaper and its results were published, the Likud party lost two seats and dropped from 21 seats to 19 seats, while the government party The Right led by “Gadoun Sa’er” could not pass the quorum this time and only received 1.6 percent of the votes of the participants in the poll.

This poll also reports the growth of the government bloc led by Benny Gantz, which has reached 31 seats from 29 seats in the previous polls, while one should not forget that the two seats lost from Likud are also It has been won by the party of Avigdor Lieberman and Itman Ben Guer, and the rest of the parties have almost not changed. Netanyahu’s weakness is the result of Netanyahu’s lack of planning and his inability to advance the prisoner exchange agreement on the one hand and the confusion regarding military operations in Rafah.

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